Goal for Realm of the Firebird – Kalista’s Version

Realm of the Firebird Goal Solution:

Note: During this Goal do not AoE while mobs are following you. If you do, you will have to kill them and start that task over.

* Goal Added : Capture the Firebird!

Go to The Main Hall (32909) and say ‘find the firebird’
* Task Added : Find the firebird and bring it to Vislav.

Go to Firebird’s Balcony (32966) and ‘capture firebird’ to be teleported to the Dungeon
After Zakhar gives his talk say ‘I will steal the horse’
* Task Added : Capture the Horse of the Golden Mane.

Go to The Castle Stables (32918) and ‘capture horse’ to be teleported to Tzar Afron’s private chambers
After Afron talks, say “I will bring the lady’
* Task Added : Entice Princess Elena to join you.

Go to Gardens of the Castle and ‘entice princess’
Say ‘I will help you’. She will give you a ring (keep in inventory)
Find wolf at beginning of zone and ‘tame wolf’
Lead Yuli to Princess (be vis as Farmers attack Wolf)
Say “I agree’
* Task Added : Fool Tzar Afron.

Go to the mage at beginning of zone.
Give him 15,000 and he will give you a purple pill – do this twice
Go back to Elena and give her a pill
Lead Elena/Yuli back to Afron (he will give you a bridle)
Go to the stable and the horse will follow. Go back to Elena in the Gardens
* Task Added : Fool Tzar Zakhar.

Give the other purple pill to Elena
* Task Added : Return with the Firebird, the horse and the princess.

Walk the Horse/Yuli to Zakhar. He will give you some gloves.
Wear gloves and go up to the Firebird. He will follow and lead him back to Elena
* Task Continued: Find the firebird and bring it to Vislav.

She will then tell you the Horse and Wolf will be in the forest. Lead her and the bird there (might have to wait for repop)
When you find them stop and wait so she can talk more.
After she leaves head up to Vislav (his sons Dmitriy and Vasiliy will attack on the way)
Walkin to Vislav with Firebird to end goal

Royal Crest of the Tzar: Level 101, back piece, Damage roll +10, Strength +10, Dexterity +3

Completing this goal also allows you to use the gypsy 1n of area start to teleport to the tzars and king in the area!
Afron (aggro)
Zakhar (aggro)