Goal for Realm of the Hawklords – Kalista’s Version

The Realm of the Hawklords Goal Solution:

Goal Solutions
* Goal Added : Rescue the Hawklord..

Go to Kilhil and say, ‘I will help your brother’
Say ‘I will do it’
* Task Added : Find Kilhil’s brother.

Go to Ckolo and say, ‘Kilhil’s brother’ then type ‘kill ckolo’
* Task Added : Search the mines for Kilhil’s brother.

Go to the mine guard and kill him for the uniform, wear it.
Now wear the uniform and remove weapons, attack the guard and keep him alive until he gives you the mine key (under 15%)
Kill one of the mobs for a slave’s chains and wear them, they are on Spezzle, Speck, and the prisoners.
With weapons off again attack Jilraya the mine overseer until you get transported.
Say ‘kilhil’ then say ‘yes’ now type ‘get lihret’.
Type ‘smash through the grate’ to get out.
Go back to Kilhil and give him lihret to close goal (have to recall or translocate).

Kilhil’s Blessing
You can now fly back up into the temple from the mines.
You can also now get a mine key by just killing the mine guards, no need to wear uniform and keep him under 15%.