Goal for Rebellion of the Nix – Kalista’s Version

Rebellion of the Nix Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Quell the rebellion of the Nix.

* Task Added : Quell the Nix rebellion.

Go to ‘Back of the Tavern’ (10307) and listen to the old man (Old Adventurer).
Say ‘help quell the rebellion’
You say ‘I am strong enough’
Type ‘nod’
This will open the goal and three tasks.
The first task will stay open until the end, the rest will be done in order.
* Task Added : Obtain a map to Tonun Taishi.

Go to the beggar in A Dirty Alley (10326) and give 3001 gold begger to get the map and close task.
* Task Added : Obtain the Nixie Shield.

Give the map to the Captain in room Before the Gates of Rhodus (10309) to be transported to castle area.
Kill the neutral castle guard for the key to the castle.
Kill Heth the Undecided to get the shield and close task.
* Task Added : Return a stolen statue to the Captain of the Guard.

Go to the torturer (aggro), open table, get all table, to get powder.
Go to the slaves in Sewer hideaway, give the evil-aligned ex-slave the powder from the table.
This will trigger the opening of this task.
Go to A Craftsman’s Home shop (sells cloak), buy cloak, give cloak to woman whois is nwn of shop. Woman will open the north door for you and give you the statue. Enter room for rooms explored. Say ‘help’ to leave.
Give the statue to the Guard Captain in the Wyvern Guild room and he will give you the declaration.
* Task Added : Kill Nestoda and obtain the painite ring.

Find Nestoda in the ocean/ship area and kill him to loot the ring.
Return to Guard Captain in the ‘Wyvern Guild’ and give him the ring (remove curse on the ring!)
NOTE: you can do this many times to move into the goal rooms, just have to wait a WHILE for the mprog to fully finish.
Wait there for him to return the ring and to teleport you to the next set of rooms. This will also close task and open two more.
* Task Added : Obtain the Horn of Commanding.

After being teleported, go north and say ‘horn’ to get key
Open west and go west. Kill Xavier for horn and task to complete. Horn is a nosave portal to next section of rooms.
* Task Added : Receive the blessing of the King of the Nixie.

Go esw and then wear horn and enter the horn to get to Ruins of Turadar
wear the shield and the ring (not sure if this is a must but you need to later on anyway) go south and kill off a bunch of the mobs in the room north and south of you (some will be aggro some won’t). Eventually you will be able to enter A Hill Untouched by the Battle with the king. If you can’t enter the room then kill more mobs.
Wait and he will say a lot and give you the blessing which will be worn automatically and you will be transported to The Battlegroungs of the Nix. Task will be completed and new one added.
* Task Added : Kill Malson Gahan.

wander around until you find the down exit
go down and say ‘King’ (molyneux works too) to the storm
Note: Only one person allowed in this room at a time so if a few are there, wait patiently.
Also Note: most of these are no portal no recall rooms, Malson’s room is no portal, no recall, no exit. You kill him or die. He isn’t hard at all for an Alt SH. No idea for the unpupped though.

You will be moved into Malson’s room, kill him (he dampens easily) either have autoloot on or turn off autosac.
When you kill him you will be teleported (along with his corpse) loot the helm and close task 8 leaving only the first left to finish.
The King will be in the room with you and the corpse (unless you sac’d it). Listen to him or say ‘Hello’.
EXPLORER NOTE: there is a room down from here, if you want 100% explored go down and then back up!

Remove the blessing and give him the blessing.
He will give you back the blessing and teleport you to aylor at the daoine/druid entrance and you will be sleeping (apparently he decided to punish you)
Stand and go back to the area entrance.
Wear the blessing, horn, ring, declaration, and shield.
Go 2 south to the old guy and give him the helm for task and goal completion.
You also get the the Light of the Balance (I think they added this in as I didn’t get it when I did the goal right after it was put in)
Keep the Light of Balance as you will need to wear it to kill off quest and campaign mobs that can’t be killed unless you wear it.

the Song of the Nixie
Name : the Song of the Nixie |
| Id : 918017421 |
| Type : Armor Level : 181 |
| Worth : 1,950 Weight : 10 |
| Wearable : ear |
| Score : 270 |
| Material : energy |
| Flags : magic, burn-proof, V3 |
| Found at : Rebellion of the Nix |
| Stat Mods : Damage roll : +14 Luck : +10 |
| Intelligence : +10 |
| Resist Mods: All physical : +10 All magic : +8 |

Misc Info:
Once goal is completed, add the following cexits to ensure you don’t take damage in the battlefield:

In Back of the Tavern (10307)
mapper cexit say nechtan
In A Hill Untouched by the Battle (10358)
mapper cexit wear light;;say blessing;;wear blessing;;u
To get to the Xavier in Xavier’s Prison (10348), keep “a ring with a Painite crystal” (step 8. below) and just do step 9. next time.

Area Quest:
go to beggar and give him 3001 gold for map
go to captain in Before the Gates of Rhodus and give him the map (be vis)
will be transed, kill the unaligned guard for key
kill heth for shield (will need to wear this later)
go to torturer and op table then get all table (get powder)
go to slaves in sewer and give powder to evil slave to get statue
go to captain in Wyvern Guild room and give him statue for declaration (will need to wear this later)
go to Nestoda and kill for ring (I would get an extra one for a later cp or quest)
return to captain in Wyvern Guild room and give him the ring. He will give ring back, but you have to wait a LONG time before he will trans you.
After trans go north and say ‘horn’ to get key
go west and kill for horn.
leave section and wear horn (I would wear ring, declaration, and shield too so you don’t forget)
enter horn
so south and west to King (if it doesn’t let you go west then kill off the mobs around you first)
king will make you wear his blessing and trans you
go to the down exit room
go down say ‘king’
you will be transed down. Kill guy and loot his helm. When you kill him you will be trans to king.
say ‘hello’ and give him the blessing back
you will be transed and given the blessing again.
go back to beginning of area and all south to old man, wear all 5 items, ring, shield, declaration, horn, blessing
after making sure you have all five worn give him the victory for the Light of balance.
Wear Light of balance to be able to kill mobs in Battlefield of Nix area.
Here is why I said get a few rings, once you have the light: just get a ring, give to captain, to get to the area to get the horn, use the horn to get to the other rooms, wear light to kill the mobs. (need to verify that you don’t need all items worn for king to give blessing though)
To get a blessing once you’ve completed the goal, just say “blessing” at Nechtan