Goal for Sheila’s Cat Sanctuary – Kalista’s Version

Sheila’s Cat Sanctuary Goal Solution:

Note: make sure you’re visible for this whole goal, mobs don’t have true sight.

* Goal Added: Help Lady Sheila take care of her cats.

Find Sheila.
say yes.
* Task Added: Perform your community service.
* Task Added: Help Sheila round up the loose fleas.
* Task Added: Help Sheila rid her cats of their fleas.
* Task Added: Help Sheila rid her dogs of their fleas.

Kill 5 cat fleas, 5 dog fleas, 5 fleas.
* Task Added: Capture some escaping mice.

Find Sheila’s son aaron.
Find the escaping mice.
grab mice and then walk back to aaron.
* Task Added: Find Ellie some material.

Find Ellie. (Make sure you’re visible)
Look for a dense ball of hair.
give it to ellie.
* Task Added: Have a drink with Jonus.

Find Jonus.
find Sheila’s son dave.
kill him for the ale.
back to jonus.
give him 1 ale.
drink ale.
* Task Added: Try to secure the cats’ sanctuary.

Find Cat Thief (hes invis)
Kill him.
Return to Sheila to finish the goal.

12qp and 2 trains