Goal for Siren’s Oasis Resort – Kalista’s Version

Siren’s Oasis Resort Goal Solution:

Note: The guy outside the area will tell you some things if you use certain keywords on him. Keywords found so far are: contestant, beach, hotel, human

* Goal Added : Uncovering the kidnapping plot.

Go to ‘Hotel Ground Level’
Listen to the receptionist to trigger the goal
* Task Added : Find the human contestant somewhere in the hotel.

Go to ‘Hotel Manager’s Office’ (open n;n) from where you are
Get ‘/Secret Document\’ from the desk
Head to ‘A-Row Seats 21-30 [> PK <]' (from the entrance, run w2n;enter gate;run ne) Kill the Hotel Manager to get the Hotel Key. The hotel key unlocks the door on the Hotel 3rd Floor (from the entrance, run 3wn2u;open w). Enter that room 'A Suite Facing the Beach' and Miss Universe will give you 'Defense of the Heart' and complete the task/trigger the next. * Task Added : Present the kidnapping evidence to the mastermind. Go to 'Beside the Beachway Hotel' and enter trishaw. Run around and kill all the ladies on the beach until you get a secret key. There is a hidden door on the ground (open down) in one of the rooms. There should be graffiti in that room to mark the spot. Use the key to enter that room and get the skinned belt from the chest (belt is invis). Type 'read note' for more information Head to 'Front Row Judge Seats' and find the dwarf judge. Give the secret document to him and he will give you The Shiny Jewel Crown. This also completes the task and triggers the next * Task Added : Award the crown to the rightful winner. Go up onto the stage and find Miss House of Cards Give the crown to her to complete the goal. Rewards: 10qp and a protective belt skinned from a Very Poor Guy +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ | Keywords : belt skin poor guy | | Name : a protective belt skinned from a Very Poor Guy | | Type : Armor Level : 1 | | Worth : 1,000 Weight : 1 | | Wearable : waist | | Flags : unique, invis, magic, held, burn-proof, V3 | | Owned By : Player | +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ | Stat Mods : Damage roll : +4 Luck : +1 | | Intelligence : +1 Dexterity : +1 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ Misc Info: You can give The Shiny Jewel Crown to any of the 5 evil pageant contestants (vampire, dwarf, elf, half-griffon, wolfen) to get a magical handkerchief. If you look at the elf you will be forced to give her the crown if you have it, so don't look at her until afterward. There is a locked container called “Seducing shelves” at the back of the stage on the right that I have not yet found the key to.