Goal for Snuckles Village – Kalista’s Version

Snuckles Village Goal Solution:

Note: You need to be neutral alignment, under Lvl100, and have the ability to
change alignment to do this goal. (Rutabagas bought in Solan can help the gender issue)

* Goal Added : Help Shay restore peace to the forest.

Find Drunk Dan and give him 5000 gold to receive the key to Shay’s Atelier (Silver and gold locket)
Head to the room ‘Shay’s Atelier’
Listen to Shay and say ‘yes’ to trigger the goal and next two tasks
* Task Added : Visit Jinky as he might know more about the ingredients.

Go to the room ‘Grandma’s Basement’
Kill Jinky for a crumpled piece of paper, this will complete this task and complete a bunch of others
* Task Added : Find the ingredient that brings luck.

Find Simon and he’ll tag you with a red rag
Hunt down Billy. He’ll keep running away, so you’ll have to find him a number of times
You need to tag Billy (you will need to *tag billy as tag is a command for something else) and he’ll either give you a lucky rabbit’s foot, or some water lillies
Repeat until Billy gives you lillies
Be a female
Head to Old Man Snuckle and give him the lillies to be given a four-leaf clover and complete this task
* Task Added : Find the ingredient that conquers fears.

Go to ‘Wolves Den’ (PK room)
Kill the wolf leader and loot ‘crest of the Wizard’ (is a key to the Wizard tower)
Head to the ‘Southern Edge Of The Pond’
Kill the unicorn for a unicorn’s horn
After listening to Grandma rambling, say ‘i can slay the dragon’ to be transported
Be sexless! Wield the unicorn horn and kill the dragon to be given dragon’s blood, and complete the task
* Task Added : Find the ingredient that helps bring success.

Find Jimmy in the village
Kill him to loot a bucket
Type ‘pour bucket’ to tip it out
Find Sam Snuckles and buy a bag of flour from him
Be male and head to ‘Snuckle Bakery’
Say ‘cookie’ to be given a bunch of stuff that Liliane wants
Head to Farmyard and give the bucket to Lea in return for a pail of milk
Head to ‘On The Deck of the Farmhouse’
Give the purse to Joe to be given instructions on feeding the chickens
Return to ‘Farmyard’ and drop scratch
When the chickens start eating, kill one of them and loot two eggs
Head back to the Snuckle Bakery
Give the flour, eggs, and pail of milk to Liliane and she’ll give you ginger, and complete the task (order matters when giving the items to her)
* Task Added : Return the ingredients to Shay.

Return to ‘Shay’s Atelier’
Give the dragon’s blood to Shay
Give the ginger to Shay
Give four-cleaf clover to Shay. When all three are done, the task will complete
* Task Added : Return the spellbook to Shay.

Follow the earlier steps for getting into the Wizard’s tower.
Make your way up the tower to ‘Sanctity Of The Wizard’
Kill the wizard and loot the spellbook
Return to ‘Shay’s Atelier’
Give the spellbook to Shay to complete the goal.

Rewards are either a sparkle of faerie dust, or a Potion of Complete Trust which you can give to Faydra for the area portal.

| Names : sparkle faerie dust |
| Desc : A sparkle of faerie dust |
| Type : Light Level : 105 |
| Worth : 420 Weight : 5 |
| Wearable : take |
| Flags : invis magic no-locate |
| Stat Mods : Wisdom : +2 Dexterity : +5 |
| Strength : +3 Luck : +5 |
| Damage roll : +3 Hit roll : +3 |

Area Portal:Enchanted Spellbook
| Names : Enchanted Spellbook |
| Desc : Enchanted Spellbook |
| Type : Portal Level : 80 |
| Worth : 480 Weight : 4 |
| Wearable : take hold |
| Flags : magic no-locate burn-proof |