Goal for Takeda’s Warcamp – Kalista’s Version

Takeda’s Warcamp Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Uncover the plots in Takeda’s Warcamp.

Go to ‘By the Stables’ where you’ll find The Stable Boy
Give him 10,000 gold and say ‘I’d like to help’ to trigger the task
* Task Added : Feed the mongrel

Go to ‘The Pantry’
Kill Cook’s Assistants until you loot a large, juicy steak
Go to ‘Before the Mess Tents’
Give the steak to the Mongrel to close this task
* Task Added : Give wisdom to the advisors

Go to ‘A Map Room’
Say ‘wisdom’ to be given a subtask (The coming of wisdom)
Complete the subtask to comlpete this task
* Task Added : The coming of wisdom

Find the Blue-eyed Boy in ‘A Small Trail Through The Mountains’
Buy a Red Scroll and an ‘Ocean-Blue Scroll’
Return to ‘A Map Room’
Give the two scrolls to an Advisor to complete the task
Note: Give one at a time and wait for the mprog to finish before handing over the other.
* Task Added : The insidious plot of Katsuyori Takeda

Go to ‘In The Daimyo’s Tent’ where Katsuyori Takeda is
Say ‘insidious plot’ to hear Katsuyori’s Spiele
Go to ‘Takeda’s Chamber’
Say ‘insidious plot’ for his spiele to trigger two subtasks.
* Task Added : Seek out the others involved in the plot.

While at ‘Takeda’s Chamber’, Say ‘help’ to be transported to an unlinked part of the area
Head to ‘A Broken Trail Through the Woods’ where you will find Iori and Kenshin Kazama
Say ‘insidious plot’ and they will attack you.
Kill them both

Walk into ‘An Odd Clearing’
If Tadashi Tokai is not blind, he’ll say ‘Takeda must die’.
Note: Tadashi is commonly blinded by people collecting seals, so if this phrase isn’t trigger, you may need to kill him, walk away, wait for a repop, and try again
Kill Sane Ito and loot the seal. He’s quite tough, so not reccommended for morts or newbie heroes
Kill Tadashi Tokai if you haven’t already to complete the task/trigger the next
* Task Added : Return the true seal.

Return to ‘Takeda’s Chamber’
Give the seal to Takeda to complete the goal.

Note: There is a 5% chance upon giving the seal of receiving a heart mirror.
You can kill Sane Ito for seals as many times as you like until you get a heart mirror from Takeda.

Note: Be warned, the heart mirror is no-reown, so regardless of who collects the seals, the ultimate heart-mirror owner needs to hand the seals over to Takeda
There is rougly a 5% chance of getting a heart mirror from Takeda from a seal. This chance is not cumulative with multiple seals
Getting a seal closes the task/goal. Getting a seal is guaranteed if it’s the first attempt after a reboot.

a Heart Mirror
| Keywords : steel heart mirror
| Name : a Heart Mirror
| Id : 270218550
| Type : Treasure Level : 195
| Worth : 4,000 Weight : 25
| Wearable : back
| Flags : unique, glow, hum, magic, blessed, noreown, V3
| Stat Mods : Hit points : +200 Hit roll : +35
| Damage roll : +35 Intelligence : +4
| Strength : +3 Dexterity : +3
| Constitution : +3 Wisdom : +3
| Luck : +2

Misc Info:
Kill Katsuori Takeda for the area portal. There is a chance for bonusloot roll on this portal.