Goal for Tanra’vea – Kalista’s Version

Tanra’vea Goal Solution:

Run 6e2s2e2se;enter ruins;sit and wait for Tahlia’s story to finish.
* Goal Added : Help to bring peace back to the forests of Tanra’vea.

Say yes
* Task Added : Kill the evil that has taken up residency in the forest.

Run 2wnw and Kill 20 Evil creatures: Evil spiders, strands of webbing, cocoons.
Return to Tahlia, be vis.
* Task Added : Visit the chieftain in the Skrean village.

Run 2w2n3wn to Chieftain and say food.
* Task Added : Find an alternative food source for the Skreans.

Find 10 alternative foods for the chieftain:
(All paths are from the chieftain)
* Chunks of Meat ………… run s3es3w (Wombat).
* Strips of Snakes’ flesh … run s3e5sw (Anaconda).
* Lizard Meat …………… run 3ne2d3eue (Giant Lizard).
* A Large Rack of Ribs …… run 3ne2d3eue (Wyvern).
* A Fresh Rat Carcass ……. run 3ne2d3eu2e2s (Rat).
* Parsnip Flavoured Roots … run 3ne2d3eu2e3s (White Ropey Vine).
* Some Edible Fungi ……… run 3ne2d3eu2e3se2s (Ground).
* A Deep Pink Dragon Fruit .. run w2s2w;enter crater;run w3se (In tree).
* A Handful of Blackberries . run w2s2w;enter crater;run w3sen (In thicket).
* A Cluster of Yellow Fruits run w2s2w;enter crater;run 2e (In tree).
Give Food to Chieftan
Wait for task completion.
* Task Added : Return to Tahlia and tell her how the task went.

Run es2e2se;enter ruins and wait until she stops talking.
Say I will help you find your peace,
* Task Added : Bring peace to the undead Tanra’veans.

Kill 30 undead in the rooms around Tahlia.
Return to Tahlia to complete the goal.