Goal for Thandeld’s Conflict – Kalista’s Version

Thandeld’s Conflict Goal Solution:

From entrane run n2u6nwnu3n
say Yes
* Goal Added : Become Thandeld’s newest slave.

* Task Added : Fulfill Thandeld’s requests

* Task Added : Find and return Thandeld’s binoculars

Go to room “Xairu’s room” and say binoculars.
Go to the room “The Grand Foyer” and type look under table.
Next go to room – northwest corner of “Second floor of the library” and read red book.
Go to the room “The Pantry” and type lift box.
Go to the room – southwest corner of “An immaculate ballroom” and check tiles.
Go to the room “A private office” and kill Greguri for the binoculars.
Return to room “Thandel’s room” and the second task will auto-close.
* Task Added : Determine the status of the collection room

Find the vampiric head chef and kill him for basement key then head to the basement.
Note: The basement is mostly pk so be wary
Go around the 4 areas of cells in the basement using *check locks* until you find the 4 broken locks.
Return to “Thandel’s room” for this task to auto-close.
* Task Added : Feed the tigers on the battlefield

Find a wandering guard and kill it for a wooden key
Go to room “A storage hut” and open crate.
Get all crate then go to room “Inside a cage” (south cage) for task to complete.
* Task Added : Return to Thandeld

Return to room “Thandeld’s room” for next task
* Task Added : Find someone who can remove your slave collar

Go to room “War Preperation Cabit” and say collar to complete the goal.

12qp and Thandeld’s Slave Collar

Misc Info:
Entering “Xairu’s room” with under 600 moves will get you trans’d to “Xairu’s Resting Chambers”.