Goal for the Amusement Park – Kalista’s Version

The Amusement Park Goal Solution:

Goal Added : Have a Rip-Roaring Day at the Amusement Park!
Go to the ticket vendor, say yes and you will receive 5 ride tickets and 3 game coupons

* Task Added : Ride the Ferris Wheel.
go to ferris wheel operator (29290)
give ticket operator
type scream and yell,
type sway back and forth
type wave your hands wildly
type spit (not the social)
type kick the head of the punk below you
type unbuckle your seatbelt

* Task Added : Ride the bumper cars and trash 10 cars!
go to bumper car operator (29313)
give ticket operator
ram [north|east|south|west] to ram 10 cars. random chance on entering room for a hit or miss. I just used ram north;ram east;ram south;ram west and spammed it till it got task done.

* Task Added : Ride the Scuba-Dive.
go to scuba ride operator (29311)
give ticket operator
move around and feed the following animals:
feed manta ray
feed goldfish
feed swordfish
feed clownfish
feed sea snail
feed tuna
feed squid
feed shark It’s advisable to feed the shark last.

* Task Added : Ride the Merry-Go-Round.
go to merry-go-round operator (29316)
give ticket operator
use ‘ride ‘ to move around the ride until you see “The Gold Ring is Approaching”
type grab ring

* Task Added : Explore the House of Horrors.
go to horror house attendant (29319)
give ticket operator
creep east;creep north;Reach into the bowl;shake hands;shake one of the heads;creep north;creep west;dance with the skeleton;find the exit;creep south;creep south;creep east;rush south

* Task Added : Win the giant prize at the Games Booths.
go to the crossbow man (29304)
give game coupon man
aim crossbow
Do this repeatedly until you have 5 hits.
Note: Don’t wait too long between aims as it will time out eventually
go to pet race supervisor (29302)
give game coupon man
choose tortoise or hare (random chance to win/lose)
go to badger handler (29305)
give game coupon woman
pick an attribute (random chance to win/lose)
give all 3 prize coupons to the prize redemption man to get the grand prize

lifetime free rides, just say ‘ride’ to ride operators from now on.
and.. toy cat-o-nine tails, which is a useless whip. But feel free to get your kink on!