Goal for the Blighted Tundra of Andarin

The Blighted Tundra of Andarin Goal Solution:
* Goal Added : End the enduring winter.

Listen Chief say “I will help you”.
* Task Added : Kill the dragon.

Go kill the dragon.
Go to chief say “i have slain the dragon”.
* Task Added : Find out the real cause of the eternal cold.

Go to jane and say “eternal cold”.
Go to the chieftain and say “wizards”.
* Task Added : Search for the warring wizards.

Go find the sapphire and amber wizard and kill them and get the gems they drop and give them to the chief.
* Task Added : Slay the Wizard controlling the red gems.

Kill the white dragon to get the bone key.
Open the trunk with the key in the room “An igloo”.
Get all trunk. Go to the room “a large tunnel” and type “open stone”.
Go east until you find the red wizard. Kill him and type “take dust” or “get dust”.
Go give dust chieftan to complete the goal.

Apparently I didn’t document the reward. It’s probably trash or very few qp’s. Womp womp.
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