Goal for the Cataclysm – Kalista’s Version

Cataclysm Goal Solution:

listen jerrin, nod jerrin

** Task Added : Watch Jerrin open the portal and make history.

say great, sit carriage, stand
(may need to kill a cronie is the carriage is full)
say Great portal;say Great portal

** Task Added : The demons have invaded.

Kill the demons until task update.
If not enough mobs spawn in room, run around section or wait until more pop.

** Task Added : Kill Valkur.

e;en wagon;en wagon;say help

** Task Added : Find the Mind’s Eye.

o d;run dswse and kill Something for key.
run wn2ese;o n;n. Kill mummy for key.
s;o s;s. Kil corpse for key.
run ne;o e;e;o d;d. Kill Lich for key.
en lich;n;get eye;put eye bag. Flee/retreat room
run 2u3wnwn;o u;u;en dis
get eye bag;give eye eldar to task update.
n;give eye kee to task update.

** Task Added : Receive your reward.

n;bow priest to goal complete.