Goal for the Covenant of Mistridge – Kalista’s Version

The Covenant of Mistridge Goal Solution:

*Goal added: Become a Friend of the Elves in Mistridge.

Trigger Goal start by finding Terwillow and saying “i am willing to help”

* Task Added : Learn mastery of earth magic.

* Task Added : Learn mastery of fire.

* Task Added : Learn mastery of air.

* Task Added : Learn mastery of water.

Go to the room “Circle of Elders”. It’s one of the up exits in the Elven Village maze.
Kill each of the masters.
Careful to be prepared if you aren’t SH, as there are a lot of assisting mobs (They can be strangled).
* Task Added : Learn mastery of spirit.

Go to the room “The Spiritual Sanctuary” up from the Circle of the Elders and kill Avalaine.
* Task Added : Get a meat pie for Duke.

Find the Mistridge Cook and say “meat pie” to trigger subtask:
* Task Added : Gather ingredients for Scotty.

Gather the following ingredients:
A Large g00se egg – Kill a goose in the Pasture
A golden egg – Kill a laying hen in the Chicken Coop
Raw Bacon – Kill the pigs in the Pig Sty
Pekoe mushrooms – Go find a Young Farmer in the Farms and say “mushrooms” (triggers a subtask)
* Task Added : Get Pekoe mushrooms.

Find the Cantankerous mule in The Southern Stables and ‘trim hooves’, this will load a mushroom in the room for you to take.
Give all the ingredients to the Mistridge Cook to finish the task.
* Task Added : Find Mist wine for Duke.

Find Lohr and say ‘mist’ to launch subtasks
* Task Added : Find and kill a dragon!

* Task Added : Kill a lich if you find it!

These mobs are both in the cellar area, Felix has the key, but pick the lock in stead as you’ll need to kill im in the next task and you dont want to wait for a repop.
While in the cellar, go to the room Wine Cellar and ‘examine rack’ to find the Mist Wine
Return the wine to Terwillow to complete the task and unlock the next tasks
* Task Added : Kill owls for Vulcris!

You will need to kill Vulcris later but first you need to handle his side mission.
Visit him in Vulcris’ Sanctum (4441). Be vis, he will trigger the task.
Kill 13 owls and return to Vulcris (will take multiple repops so start early)
Nod at Vulcris and he will give you an item that will stop them running away when you attack them (useful for quests/CPs at lowmort) Also closes this task 🙂
Must finish this subtask before killing him for the Gizzard in Task 12
* Task Added : Kill Felix.

Straight forward – usually near the entrance to the cellar.
* Task Added : Find items for Duke’s wonder potion.

You will need to return to Terwillow with the following objects:
Raw bit of VIS – Carried by An Aura of Magic in The Great Hall
Elemental Tome – Found in bookshelves in The Library
Eye of the Storm – Carried by The Rage Storm in The Astral Plane
Ghost Armor – Found on the Tome Guardian in The Library
Kill Vulcris to recieve a Gizzard
Return to Terwillow and give him the five items.
After you give these to Terwillow he will trigger the last task.
* Task Done : Find a spell box for Duke.

Go back down to the cellar
On the floor in one of the rooms is a Bronze Box.
Get the box and return it to Terwillow to complete the goal.

Nothing in the Forest will aggro you anymore.