Goal for the Cracks of Terra – Kalista’s Version

The Cracks of Terra Goal Solution:

This is a mini-epic area. You will not be able to complete the goal alone.
The gate dudes are tough, so remember to dispel/rune of ix them etc.

Solo Tasks:
Listen to the crazed priest and say yes
Task 1: Pay a visit to the God, Terra.
Run 5d to be given tasks to kill each of the key-holding mobs in the center up/down path between the crazed priest and Terra.
Task 2: Be judged worthy.
Task 3: Defeat Chaia, Lord of the East.
Task 4: Defeat Ralael, Lady of the West.
Task 5: Defeat Haratar, Lord of the South.
Task 6: Defeat Joror, Lord of the North.
Return to Terra for Task 7.

Group Tasks:
At this point, you will need a group to continue. You will die if you attempt this solo.
Some bosses require using their immunity to shadow during the fight. If you do not have a weapon with damtype shadow, the obsidian stiletto off the Rock Bandit in Xyl or the Amethyst Shard dagger from Touchstone’s weapon shop are good to bring with.
Task 7 : Defeat Terra, Elder God of Earth.

Kill Terra.
Do not spam commands, as Terra will occasionally remove all your worn equipment.
Rotate tanks if necessary; this is a pretty straightforward epic fight.
Task 8: Find the items to bypass the demons’ barrier.

Find the random drops from the following mobs on each level:
Metallic coin (imp)
An engraved Talisman (ogre magus)
A shadowy Amulet (daeva)
A glowing Orb (demon prince, spawned by attacking a little boy)
With your group ready and one group member holding all four items, head to Terra and have that member say the items.
Task 9: Challenge the Demon Lords.

There are a total of 8 Demon Lords. Three will be chosen at random.
Your group and progress will be recorded on a Rune of Passage.
Every time you challenge the Demon Lords with a new group, or wish to start over, you will need to repeat the previous item collection task and be given a new rune.

The 8 Demon Lords:
Kjare – Spawns 4 tendrils every 10% he drops.
The group should have autoassist off. One person will be designated to fight Kjare, as the rest of the group kills the summoned tendrils.
Ideally, the tank should keep Kjare from dropping the next full 10% until the previous tendrils are killed.
Kjare is immune to shadow; the tendrils are not.
*Note: have group buy Amethyst Shards for this boss from Aylor!

Skeligh – Starts with one head and the heads come in waves of 1-2-3-4-4.
The heads will randomly acquire new targets, so try to stay on 1.head and rescue as needed.
Do NOT quaff brewed incomplete healing potions, as they cause the boss to dispel and blind the entire group. Trivia incompletes are fine.

Yqath – 3 images must be killed within a few seconds of each other
Aim for under 15 seconds between killing blows.

Vortath – Randomly raises auras, during which damage should be mitigated.
When these auras are up, switch to shadow (immune) to prevent the effects from working.
Each aura will announce when it is coming, when it is up, and when it fades.
Blue aura: Random party member takes any damage Vortath has taken.
Imminent: Deep blue runes swirl in the air around Vortath.
Active: Vortath stops chanting, and a dark blue aura settles around it.
Green aura: Heals for all damage taken and damages a random party member for the amount healed multiplied by random multiplier.
Imminent: Dark green runes begin to appear in the air.
Active: A dark green aura settles around Vortath!
Grey aura:
Imminent: A dark grey circle appears around Vortath, and begins to glow faintly.
Active: The energy coalesces into a dark grey aura around Vortath.
Messages when auras drop:
The aura fades… but nothing happens!
The dark grey aura begins to fade… then explodes!
The strange green aura fades and is drawn into Vortath.
Time jitters, and Vortath shifts slightly.
Time jitters… but nothing happens!

Salkin – Wait long enough for Terra to appear and kill him, without dropping his hp too low.
The trick here is to get Salkin between 70-74% quickly, so as to not proc tendrils, then wait for Terra to appear and smite him.
Switch to shadow damtype when at the appropriate range and for killing tendrils (Salkin is immune shadow).
Since ninjas and barbarians do hand-to-hand damage when unarmed, they should find a second weapon to prevent extra damage.
Use heal scrolls on Salkin as needed to keep him in proper hp range.

Nysil – up/down brute-force, rotate-tanks, with nomagic in down room.
Quaffing potions in down room will result in vasted potion/time – don’t do it.
As soon as your hp is down to 50%, flee, quaff incomplete potions (as it is important to get back down ASAP) and get back down.
Depending on damage output, 30-50 double incomplete potions is required per person for smooth handling of the boss.

Yrelth – One person (you pick) needs to fight him and call out the auras that surround him; the rest of the party will be in a separate 7-room section and must touch specific crystals in response to the fighter’s call-outs.
The order of colors of auras and the corresponding crystals to touch in response are
orange -> blue -> red -> green -> violet -> yellow -> indigo -> orange
For example, if Yrelth is surrounded by a blue aura, the red crystal must be touched. If a red aura, the green crystal must be touched. Touching the wrong crystal will damage the tank fighting Yrelth or heal Yrelth. Touching the right one will damage Yrelth or heal the tank.
Yrelth is killed twice in this battle.
In the first phase, the other players are locked into rooms. Only auras that can be countered will appear on Yrelth. Basically, each player waits for their assigned color and touches the crystal in their room.
In phase two (or at repop), the doors will unlock and all seven auras/crystals are available. It is best to have only one fast player move between the rooms and touch crystals while the rest of the party sit at center.
Assign 1 person to lead the 2nd touch part.

Tips for tanking Yrelth:
Remember to dispel/dampen to remove sanctuary, both at start of fight and again after he dies the first time.
Try to get the first killing blow after calling out the color but before the crystal is touched, that way the wait time will minimize and it will be easier to tank.
When indigo aura is up, tendrils will appear to fight the boss and combat will stop. You should have enough time to cast incomplete healing twice before the aura changes.
Try to keep your hp between 50% and 90%; when not healing, try to do as much damage as possible.

Ksajus – Two 3×3 grids, one on a lower level, one on top with only eight rooms (empty center), and one room down from center with boss.
All rooms are filled with demon princes and princesses that must be killed before you move on to the Demonlord or else he summons them for help.
Area repop does not affect these mobs, so be careful, and remember to heal!

WAIT IN TERRA’S ROOM AFTER HANDING IN THE THIRD BOSS’S ITEM, as there’s a pause before he gives you the reward. (Just Like titans!)
Terra will give you a token to hand in to the insane priest. There are numerous rewards, some of which have yet to be uncovered.
It always rewards a small handful of trains (40-80). It also rewards random gold (1-3m), random trivia potions, Orbs for better enchants, and the items listed below:

Arcane Source
| Keywords : arcane source terra crystal
| Name : Arcane Source
| Id : 914196634
| Type : Treasure Level : 200
| Worth : 7,300 Weight : 10
| Wearable : hold
| Score : 0
| Flags : glow, hum, magic, nosell, burn-proof, nolocate,
| : V3
| Found at : The Cracks of Terra
| This item will greatly amplify the ‘solidify’ spell if held
| when cast. Warning: It takes a extremely intelligent person
| to get maximum benefit.

A crystal veined earthen ore
| Keywords : crystal veined earthen ore terra
| Name : a crystal veined earthen ore
| Type : Raw material:Ore Level : 200
| Worth : 50,000 Weight : 10
| Wearable : hold
| Material : earth
| Flags : magic, V3
| Found at : The Cracks of Terra