Goal for the DarkLight – Kalista’s Version

The DarkLight Goal Solution:

Note: You can do this goal as good or evil, though the steps are the same

* Goal Added : Bring balance to the city of Heavenswatch.

Go to ‘Sabrina’s Collections and Books’
After her spiele, say ‘yes’ to trigger the goal/tasks
* Task Added : Bring balance to Heavenswatch.

Buy a book of Light and Darkness to trigger the next set of tasks
This task closes when you compelte the goal
* Task Added : Obtain the Orb of Light.

Go to ‘On Top of the Tower of Light’
Kill Lord Koran for the Royal Seal (key) (item rots)
Note: Be good aligned
Go to ‘The Sun Palace Gates’ and use the seal to unlock north to go to ‘The Throne Room’
King Lorien will give you the orb of Light completing the task
* Task Added : Obtain the Orb of Darkness.

Be evil aligned
Go to the ‘Skullgore Plains’
Find the Undead General and kill him for a black key
Hunt Omkas to find the hidden entrance up from the plains
Head to “The Top of the Sky Tower”
Upon entering, Omkas will give you the orb of the World
This will close this task and the next
* Task Added : Obtain the Orb of the World.

(Autocloses when the previous two tasks are complete)

* Task Added : Obtain a weapon of Balance.

Note: Make sure you have either Exotic skill or Weaponmaster wish
Note: Be good aligned
Head to ‘Orionis Foundry’ with the Orb of the World in your inventory (Note: Once you enter ‘Orinonis Foundry’ don’t leave until the task is complete, leaving early forces you to redo the previous steps.)
After you enter the Foundry you’ll be given the ‘Light of Dawn’ and then there will be some conversation then he will force you to wield the item and only then will the task close
* Task Added : Defeat the Dark Lord.

Head through the Skullgore Plains to ‘The Dark Path’
Enter to the portal to Darkblaze and go to the room “The Crow”
Listen to the innkeeper to trigger a subtask
* Task Added : Assurances of justice.

Say ‘murder’ to receive a dark key and complete the task
Go to ‘Before the Dark Tower’
Kill all the guards else they’ll teleport you when you try to go inside
Head to ‘Before the black door’
Kill Blackthorn
Be good aligned
Go east to ‘The Black Throne’
Kill Lord Georfram – make sure you get the last hit with the ‘Light of Dawn’ weapon to close the goal.
Be sure to visit the room ‘The Palace of the Sky’ for full explore before you dip out.

Area Portal & 121 waist piece BlackSteel Sash 12dr/12hr, +10 stats
| Keywords : orb star
| Name : the orb of the stars
| Id : 5731602
| Type : Portal Level : 84
| Worth : 1,500 Weight : 20
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 0
| Material : glass
| Flags : glow, hum, magic, blessed, held, burn-proof,
| : nolocate, auctioned
| Found at : The DarkLight
| Leads to : The DarkLight