Goal for the Deadlights – Kalista’s Version

The Deadlights Area Solution:

Note: Jump to step 7 if you already have the area portal.

run 6n2d;enter portal;run 3ws;enter lith;run ndn. Kill turtle for seal.
run su2sded;enter portal;run 3s;enter portal;run d2ed;enter doorway;s;open e;e. Kill guardian for lorestone.
run ws;enter portal;e;enter portal;run wus. Kill Kain.
Give lorestone to ipsisimus, receive key.
Get all snake to get a black key.
run nde2u3s;open e;run 2eu;enter portal

Step 7: Hunt Angel until you come to the Spirit Retainer (just after river styx // East of Portal landing)
Kill retainer for key.
Open w;w;enter pool
Hunt greater karmic being, he will give you a key when you enter the room.
Get back to Angel and go e;open e;e.
Head east until you come to the Unholy Master. Kill him for triangle.
Enter portal;run un;open n;run 4n and try to enter the portal before Yog-sothoth attacks you.
If you already have area portal. leave area and use it instead.
Go west, hunt Aldenon.
Go vis, give the triangle to Aldenon and enter the portal quickly (stack the commands)
Aldenon will give you the area portal. You will also receive equipment from The Creator.

Timeless Seal of the Ages
| Keywords : Seal Timeless Ages serpents dimensional infinitely
| : series
| Name : the Timeless Seal of the Ages
| Id : 2221550272
| Type : Portal Level : 160
| Worth : 5,000 Weight : 25
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 30
| Material : stone
| Flags : unique, glow, hum, magic, held, burn-proof,
| : nolocate, resonated, V3
| Found at : The Deadlights
| Leads to : The Deadlights

the Creator’s power incarnate formed into a blazing shaft of light

the Creator’s power incarnate formed into a brilliant pair of wings

the Creator’s power incarnate formed into a pair of gauntlets

the long, multipronged hook “Soul Ripper” – Oooooo!

Misc Info:
Use exits to navigate the battlefield maze. The way out is always:

1. The final conflict
2. Reign of Anarchy
3. Above the conflict
4. N E or E N to the disappearing firmament
5. D for the torrent which is a 3-room maze leading to Lord of the Dweomer.
6. Swept in the currents which leads to the secret exit / golden portal to recall.

If you go down into the river, east until graffiti room, west, then north, there’s a portal you can go out of.