Goal for the Drageran Empire – Kalista’s Version

The Drageran Empire Goal Solution:

Note: Be between level 135-155.

* Goal Added : Thwart an assassination attempt.

Find and kill The Sorceress of the Emerald Isle for the paper
Find Lady Charity and give her the paper to start the goal
* Task Added : Save Morrowe from being assassinated. Check with Aliza.

Head to ‘A bedchamber’ where you’ll find Aliza.
Give the paper to her to complete this task
* Task Added : Musicians hear things many other don’t. Talk to them.

Head to ‘The Drunk Dog Inn’
Buy Amber Gambler
Head ot ‘Mary-Janes House of Erb’
Buy some magical herbs
Head to ‘The Minstrel’s Gallery’ where you’ll find Jesiphe
Give the Amber Gambler to Jesiphe, and the herbs to receive A Backstage Pass
Give the backstage pass to Anitan to complete the task and trigger two more
* Task Added : Harbor may have heard something. Go talk to him.

Head to ‘The Office of Harbor’ where you’ll find Harbor
Say ‘morrowe is in trouble’ to trigger a subtask. Complete the subtasks first
Give the bag of herbs to Harbor and he’ll give them back, asking you to speak to Shalandra first
Give the Living Dagger to Harbor and he’ll give you the Living Blade of Ancient Power
Give him the herbs to receive a portal (Path to Goddess) (one use only) and trigger the Speak to #the Goddess task
* Task Added : Get ingredients from Katheran and return them to Harbor.

Head to ‘The Imperial Dungeon’
Kill the Keeper of the Dungeons for the key and go north
Say ‘ingredients’ to complete this task and trigger another
* Task Added : Talk to her co-conspirators

Head back to ‘The Drunk Dog Inn’
Type ‘enter trapdoor’ to get to Karyne’s room
Say ‘katheran is in jail’ to get a leaflet to complete the task and trigger another
* Task Added : Show the leaflet to Katheran.

Return to the northern dungeon room
Give the leaflet to the prisoner (known as Katheran) to receive a small bag of herbs and complete #the task
Next run the Talk to Shalandra task below (which was opened earlier)
* Task Added : Talk to Shalandra

Head back to the castle, to ‘Morrowe’s Laboratory’
Head up, kill the watcher, and enter the portal
Kill Tormented Spirits until you receive a rusty key
Go all north and unlock/go east
Open the cage to release Shalandra the Younger – kill her for the Glyph of Passing (a key)
Go west, then open north, and head north to ‘The Chamber of Unlife’
Say ‘morrowe is in trouble’ to receive The Living Dagger and complete the task
Now continue with the ‘Talk to Harbor task’
* Task Added : Speak to the goddess

Hold and enter the Path of the Goddess (it’s one use, so don’t mess up)
Say ‘morrowe’ to be transported to Shadow’s room and complete the task
Task Added : Kill Shadow and return his weapon to Lady Charity
Note: In the room with Harbor, say “Tell the fisherman his shipment is ready”. This will get you back to Shadow, if you end up leaving the room.

Wield the Living Blade of Ancient Power (exotic weapon skill)
Kill Shadow for the stiletto
Return to Lady Charity and give the stiletto to her to complete the goal.

black tunic lined with silver
| Keywords : black tunic |
| Name : a black tunic lined with silver |
| Type : Armor Level : 151 |
| Worth : 0 Weight : 25 |
| Wearable : back |
| Flags : unique, invis, magic, nolocate, V3 |
| Stat Mods : Damage roll : +15 Hit roll : +5 |
| Intelligence : +10 Wisdom : +1 |
| Dexterity : +1 Luck : +2 |

Area Quest:
(For Body Equip)

Kill The Sorceress Of Emerald for the paper.
Kill Luo for the key.
Go to Lord Raven and give him paper.
Say ‘i heard of the assassination plan’
Go to Keeper of the Dungeons and kill for key, then go east.
Type ‘interrogate prisoner’.
Now type ‘torture prisoner’.
Go to Scorceress Of Emerald and give her confession, kill her now.
Go to Morrowe and go up and kill the watcher, then enter portal.
Kill the spirits until you get the key, might need to have a repop.
Go to the room with the cage and open it and give Shalandra the younger the confession and kill her.
Go to Aliza and say ‘Shadow is the assassin’ to get path.
Wear path and enter, then say ‘please help me’ to Jasmane.
Kill Shadow for stiletto.
Go to Lord Raven and give him the stiletto to finish it this way.
a blessed robe

Royal Audience Portal:
Enter the castle and find the hostler.
Once there you kill him for the leg and riding crop.
Weild the riding crop and unlock the door east.
Once you are at the dragon, be vis and give the leg to the dragon, it should teleport you.
Go down and kill Dalamar
Unlock the sphere and get the audience from inside.
Royal Audience

Backstage Pass Portal:
Go to Mary-Jane(room 25913), and buy a bag of herb.
Go all north and buy the Amber Gambler.
Go to Jesiphe and give him the Amber, then herb to get portal.
Backstage Pass

If you screw up, you can resume many points in the goal. (These only work when the goal is open.)

If you lose Shalandra’s dagger, you can go back to her and she’ll aggro; kill for another dagger.
To get back to Jasmane, go to Aliza and say ‘i must see Jasmane’
To get back to shadow, at Tradkah say ‘tell the fisherman his shipment is ready’
If you don’t torture prisoner in method 2, Shalandra the Younger may not start next task. You’ll have to repeatedly interrogate prisoner for confessions until she does.
The Backstage Pass is obtainable as often as desired.