Goal for the Earth Lords – Kalista’s Version

The Earth Lords Goal Solution:

Note: As mentioned in the goal help file, requires Sacred Flame goal to be completed first.

From entrance, go to Inhospitable Home (42057).
Lift carpet to get to A Hidden Chamber (42096), *nod shanel, listen lelani.
Go to Linlie’s Home for the Lost (42064) and kill lost boy/girl for head.
Go to The Stoney Grocer (42049) and drop head.
Return to A Hidden Chamber (42096), listen lelani.
Go to Name: Standing Before Earth’s Maw (42019), jump down, run dnwn to Earthen Combat Training rooms.
Kill Earthen mobs in this section until you get eight red dust.
Return to Standing before the Depths of Mother Earth (42010), climb.
Along each of the doors north/south along Earthen Way (42022) and Luna Path (42018), mark door.
Return to A Hidden Chamber (42096), listen lelani.
Go to The Church of Gaia (42062).

The goal splits here. There are two options:
Kill the priestess of Gaia, then place head on altar to continue evil path.
*worship to open good path.
Evil path
Run se3sws3w3sw, lift carpet (A Hidden Chamber).
Listen Lelani.
Listen Shanel.
Run ue3n3e, jump down, run d
Kill the unique mobs in each quadrant:
NW: Lodo, the earthen master
NE: The warlord Desert Rose
SE: Rock
SW: Iron Mike
Return to A Hidden Chamber.
Listen Shanel.
Run ue3n3ene3n3wn (The Sun Rise Tavern)
Kill Damakal for dead man’s whisper.
Kill Syndny for a hangman’s noose.
Run s6en (Linlie’s Home for the Lost).
Kill Linlie for a golden cross.
Find the traveling “street peddler” (usually in north section)
Buy an ornate porcelain bowl (buy 2).
Run to the easternmost Market Road room (42048).
Type gather rainwater.
Run 2w3nen3e3ne (A Hidden Hom).
Kill child for a softly glowing stone.
NOTE: scalpel from doctor is 6th piece/ missing piece! Go grab that!
Return to A Hidden Chamber.
Receive Earth’s Bane from Shanel and open up task “Battle Gaia”.

Run ue3n3e, jump down, run 2d (At the Earth’s Core).
Wield bane and kill Gaia to complete goal.
Gaia will heal herself regularly, but the sword will prevent healing up to 100%.
Gaia will also summon golem adds continuously.
You can have somebody sit there and heal you and you can word out if needed.
Note: Dont use inc scrolls. Golems can be awed/tamed.

The guard who opens the gate will trans you to the Arena, just “say arena” in his room and add it to your cexits.
Visions of a Scorched Earth: Level 200, eye piece, 24HR/24DR, Con10, Str6, fully enchantable

Alternate Good path:
** Task Done : Sabotage of the city.
** Task Added : Feed and clothe the lost.

Go to The Stoney Grocer (42049) and buy apple and asparagus.
Kill Rock in Stone Combat Training (42095) for leather tunic and pants.
Go to Linlie’s Home for the Lost (42064), give apple boy, give pants boy, give aspar girl, give tunic girl.
Go back to The Church of Gaia (42062) and listen priestess
* Task Added : Remove the Sacred Flame dissidents.

Go to A Hidden Chamber (42096).
Kill D’kath (and possibly the others).
Go back to The Church of Gaia (42062) and say they are dead
* Task Added : Gather the items to create a weapon to challenge Gaia.

wise man’s tears
Kill patient in The Doctor’s Office (42098) for weak smile.
Kill Syndny for winter’s heart
Go to Earth Moving Travel, Inc. (42052) and get rose; give bloom to Linlie in Linlie’s Home for the Lost (42064) for Summer’s Bloom.
string of earth
metal band (gold band from jaede, iron ring from iron mike)
Kill father in An Adobe Home (42059) for wisdom of life