Goal for the Fire Swamp – Kalista’s Version

The Fire Swamp Goal Solution:

Note: This Goal requires the Staves skill

* Goal Added : Help the flames reclaim the swamp.

Find the Will-o’-The-Wisp
follow will
It will take you to the fire lizard (or you can walk straight to the fire lizard)
listen lizard
say yes
After that you will need to find some different items layin around on the ground (except for the tunic which is to be found on bandits)
* Task Added : Figure out how to do what you volunteered for!

These items are used in the kind of way that they attract different flames. You are going to feed them.

Following items are going to following flames:
long branch/twig = burst
tunics (bandits) = large flame
fallen leaf/dry leaves = flame spurt
Give the flame the item that goes for it, they will grow larger, then kill it and loot them. you’ll get a different item from each flame.

Once you have looted all three flames, wear them,
go kill the river spirit (the essence of fire cannot take over the swamp if the water spirit is still there)
go to the dragons room, make sure you’re wearing the 3 flames before entering the room
kill the dragon and loot dragon’s orb.

Now the essence of fire will have spawned n2wn2w.
Brandish Essence and you should have completed it.
Note: Make sure to have staves skills practiced, or it will fail.
You brandish the Dragon’s Orb.
You twiddle your thumbs and a lucky ball of light appears.
Your light shimmers as it absorbs bonus luck.
The Dragon’s Orb implodes after its final use.
You give a bright ball of light to the essence of fire.
The essence of fire says, “Fire is light, Fire is life.”
The essence of fire says, “You have given me life, and I thank you. Please accept this as a token of gratitude.”
You receive a Red Sphere from the essence of fire.
The flames rise up and the essence of fire is gone.

3 Trains and 5000 gold.

FireSwamp2 Goal:
* Goal Added : Lead the wanderer out of the Fire Swamp.
Say ‘help you’ to the lost wanderer.
Go to the west part of the swamp where you can open north, go in there and get some purple berries. Give them to the wanderer.
Then lead him towards the exit.
Reward is 2 Trains. 😛