Goal for the First Ascent – Kalista’s Version

The First Ascent Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Survive the Dragon Ascent.

Type ‘sure’ at the entrance.
Buy key, open up.
* Task Added : Ask a prison trustee about staying alive in prison.

Run 2useue3n, say ‘staying alive’
* Task Added : Punish the dragon collaborators.

Return to Bagger at entrance.
Run around and kill 15 dragon collaborators (‘where dragon’)
* Task Added : Visit Bagger for more information. * Task Added : Visit a Dragon Mercenary. * Task Added : Interrogate the Dragon Mercenary.

Go to the dragon mercenary, say your name, say dragon of light.
* Task Added : Visit friendly Militia.

Visit Militia (friendly guard).
* Task Added : Visit the old wise one.

Visit Lo the Wise.
* Task Added : Help Lo the Wise find his Glasses. * Task Added : Find the Dragon Citizen.

Find a dragon citizen.
* Task Added : Sort a Gang Member out.

Kill a gang member.
Return to the dragon citizen.
Return to Lo the Wise.
* Task Added : Visit the Reaper.

Find the lifereaper (us from Lo the Wise).
* Task Added : Kill those Sea Hags!

Recall and return to the entrance. Kill all sea hags.
Return to the lifereaper who will attack you.
* Task Added : Visit the Dragon Keeper!

Back to entrance, go to the dragon keeper (around sea hags),
* Task Added : Kill the Dragon Keeper before he can use the emblems’ power!

He teleports you to the entrance, return again and kill him to complete the goal.

Clasp of the Keeper: Level 6, wrist piece, 6DR