Goal for the Flying Citadel – Kalista’s Version

The Flying Citadel
Goal Solution:
* Goal Added : Help determine who’s really responsible.

type “accept” at the cracked statue
* Task Added : Find the book outlining the history as told by the dark.

say “join the dark”
go to the unicorn and say “story”
* Task Added : Retrieve all three eyes from the Chimera.

kill unicorn until it gives you a horn when it dies
* Task Added : Retrieve the Unicorn’s horn.

back to the cracked statue and “join the light”
go to the chimera and say “story”
kill chimera until it gives you the eyes when it dies
* Task Added : Give the Chimera’s eyes to the Unicorn.

give Three sets of Eyes to a unicorn
give the horn to the chimera
now kill the chimera and get a transfer to the tower, go up to malcrom’s assistant
enter the trapdoor to the top of the tower. Kill the gargoyles and hunt 2.malcrom until you find him
give him the books
* Task Added : Slay the Guardian Orb.

use portal he gave you (my citadel) to get to the guardian orb
kill him

Gargoyles at the top of the tower will allow you to walk north.
Also, area portal: Majestic Orb

Misc Info:
Mob pairs for In the Clouds:

Saminga, prince of death
Laurence, archangel of the sword

Beleth, princess of nightmares
Blandine, archangel of dreams

Valefor, prince of theft
Janus, archangel of the wind

Vapula, prince of technology
Jean, archangel of lightning

Belial, prince of fire
Gabriel, archangel of fire

Baal, prince of war
Michael, archangel of war