Goal for the Fractured Lands – Kalista’s Version

The Fractured Lands Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Help re-unify the Fractured Lands of Aardwolf!

Go to the Sage of the Fracture Lands and say “i will help unite the fractured lands”.
* Task Added : Retrieve the Emerald Artifact.

Go to mother nature and say “yes”.
* Task Added : Deliver aid to the refugees.

Go give the sack to a Human refugee.
Go back to mother nature for the emerald.
* Task Added : Retrieve the Pearl Artifact.

Go to King Ahknarr and say “i can calm the mob”.
* Task Added : Calm the angry mob.

Go to the angry mob and type “listen mob”
* Task Added : Repair the homes of the people.

type “repair homes”
Go back to the king.
* Task Added : Retrieve the Ruby Artifact.

Go to the dwarven lieutenant and say “ruby artifact” and then say “yes”.
* Task Added : Return glasses to the minotaur.

Go give the glasses to the minotaur.
Go back to the dwarf and say “i returned the glasses”.
* Task Added : Retrieve the Jet Artifact.

Go to Lothetu pit demon and say “artifact” and then say “yes”.
* Task Added : Deliver the vial to an inmate.

Go to the Strange Misshapen creature and give the vial to it and then say “drink it”.
Go back to the demon to get the jet artifact.
* Task Added : Retrieve the Sapphire Artifact.

Go to Leviathan and type “wake levi” and then say “artifact”.
* Task Added : Deliver the scepter to the Lord of Sehlani.

Give the sceptre to the lord of sehlan and then go back to levi, wake him, and say “i am finished”.
* Task Added : Return to the Sage of the Fractured Lands.

Go back to the sage.
* Task Added : Retrieve the Darkside artifact.

Go to the darkside of the fractured lands and go to the baron.
Give the ring to teagan and say “it is a token of remorse” and then type “listen teagan”.
Go back to the baron and say “teagan accepts your remorse”.
* Task Added : Return the ring to Teagan’s Shade.

Go to the sage with the artifact.
* Task Added : Give the items to the Dwarven Armorer.

Go to the dwarven armourer and give him all of the items – the amulet, and the 7 artifacts.
* Task Added : Wait for the final artifact and return it to Mother Nature.

Go give the statue to mother nature then type “bow golem”.

The Rainbow Belt of the Fractured Lands: Level 55, waist piece, Dr1, Int3, Con1, Luck2, fully enchantable