Goal for the Gladiator’s Arena – Kalista’s Version

The Gladiator’s Arena Goal Solution:

Goal is level locked at 95 // I suggest waiting until then and then toggle noexp.

Pre-goal preparation:
The only difficult part of this goal (other than people getting in the way via PK) is the second half of the gauntlet.
If you’re T5 or above, you’ll find nearly everything easy anyway
If you’re under T3, recommend doing this goal at R7
Go prepared with plenty of hp, mana, and refresh pots. If you’re a low tier, you may want to consider taking heavier duty heal pots or have them fido’d in by a friend.
The only two rooms that pose any significant problem are the Goblins room and the Vampire room
Being neutral will nerf protection good/evil that mobs may have cast

Suggested skills:
Blind/Awe trick works on many of the big gauntlet mobs. There is no requirement to kill them
For the goblin room, area spells are handy (ultrablast or fire breath)
Dispel Magic is handy for many of the sanced mobs

Getting Diamonds for the diamond task:
Run 4en from the entrance and enter quicksand to arrive in ‘The Thieves’ Lair’ (PK)
Kill a quickling for ‘The Emperor’s Diamond Ring’
Run u2wsd to ‘The Training Area – Basics’
Give 300 gold to Dwarven Trainer. He’ll attack you
Kill Dwarven Trainer for a Graduation Certificate (rots in 9 tics)
Run uwuse to ‘West Entrance to the Nobles’ Seating;
Give 1000 gold to troll for key (or kill him for it)
Open/go east into the seating area rooms and find the King of the Shadows
Give him the Certificate for A Diamond Studded Crown
Go all east and one north to ‘Refreshment Stands’ where you’ll find a vender
Say ‘the password’ to be transported to ‘Potion Seller’s Hideout’
Buy a ‘Potion Made From Diamond Extracts and ‘Bottled Rage’
Go one west to return to the ‘Refreshment Stands’
Buy Bread and Beer (probably best to get a few of each)
Go north and along the peasants seating – give beer to the Lizardman Peasant until you get a message from one, then kill that one for A Tiny Diamond Chip
Go back to the noble seating and find a human noble – give him the Bread for A Small Diamond
Go to the vendor at the western end of the seating and buy several ales
Walk back along the peasants seating, give ale to different Lizardwoman Peasants until you get a message from one, then kill her for A Chipped Diamond
Head to the far south-west corner of the stands to ‘The Armor Racks” say leg
Type ‘list’ to see if he has any Diamond-Studded Leggings for sale (If he’s shut, enter and leave the room until he says he’s open). Buy a pair
Go to ‘The Animal Cages’ on the arena floor to find a Werewolf
Give him Bottled Rage and Kill him for A Diamond Necklace.
The last two diamonds will be gathered during the goal.

Goal Start:
Before starting, make sure you have the 8 diamond items in your inv:
A Chipped Diamond
A Diamond Necklace
A Diamond Studded Crown
A Potion Made From Diamond Extracts
A Small Diamond
A Tiny Diamond Chip
Diamond Studded Leggings
The Emperor’s Diamond Ring

Head to ‘The Entrance to the Gauntlet’ (open down/down from ‘An Open Warfield’)
Listen to the Gauntlet Guard, and say ‘yes’ to hear the spiele
Give the guard 3000 gold coins to trigger the goal and enter the Gauntlet. He’ll also give you A Diamond Encrusted Sword
* Task Added : Fight your way through the gauntlet to reach the Master.

Kill the Human Gladiator Champion and go down.
Now kill the Giant Centaurs. **WARNING: GO NORTH, NOT DOWN!**
Kill all the Things – one should have loaded with A Glowing Diamond. These are immune to a lot of things. Force bolt works, as does slash and light damage.
MAKE SURE you loot the Glowing Diamond. If you didn’t, wait for repop and kill them again before going down
Kill all the Flying Wyverns then go down
Kill all the Ratlings and go down.
Kill all the Sidhe Gladiators and go east
Kill all the Lions and go east
You’ll find yourself at the Master of the Gauntlet and this task completes.
* Task Added : Complete the final stages of the gauntlet.
* Task Added : Recover and return the Emperor’s wife’s diamonds.

Note: DOUBLE CHECK again that you have all 10 diamonds in your possession for the diamond task
Say ‘i am sure’ to be transported into the second half of the gauntlet
First up are two 20-Armed Men, this is a basic fight. Kill or blind/awe then enter door
Next up is An Enormous Centipede, he’s pretty weak, but loads of HP. Kill or blind/awe
Top up your spells and make sure you’re prepeared for the next room, then enter door
Next is a lot of Goblin Gladiators that summon help. If you’re pwar, use a shield.
Keep HP up and kill them quickly.
Area spells can be useful as you can end up wiping out several in a round when you get them low enough
Next up is an Ugly Monster and A 9-Headed Hydra. The Hydra is immune to flame. Kill or blind/awe and enter space
Consider respelling, filling up with pots, and checking repop time before entering the space for the next room
The next room has five familiars. Each time you kill a familiar a Vampire Master appears. You cannot leave the room until they’re all dead
If you’re weak, it can be tough killing them all before the area repops
If you’re having trouble, blind/awe all the familiars and get them down to 10% hp before awing them, then kill them off one at a time followed by the Vampire Master they produce. Remove sanc on the Vampires to make the kills quicker

Once done, head east to the boss mob
Now this part is dependent on what tier you are. Some of the fights can be extremely difficult, but to be honest, they’re not much harder than the goblins and vampire rooms
T0 = Straight to Emperor
T1,T2 = Tela
T3,T4 = Vilgan
T5 = Filt
T6 = Xantcha
T7+ = Lasher (Vuln to air, sonic/wail)

Note: Make sure not to spam too many commands. Most use various mobprogs to dispel you and cast negative spells. Lasher and Xantcha will regularly force you to remove all aardgear.
Once your big mob is dead, you can go on to end or try to explore the tier rooms before you (by going EAST + + +). Filt is just as strong as Xantcha so do not expect an easy fight, make sure you are spelled and have potions
Head down to the Emperor to receive ‘←1→ One Day Pass to the Gladiators Arena ←1→’ and complete the tasks and goals
Head back to the the beer selling Vendor wear the pass
Say ‘the password’ to get into the potion shop
Say ‘fee’ to get the last room and area portal. Make sure you have sufficient slots/weight to hold the item! It may be a good idea to ditch all your remaining potions first

A Dragonscale Wristguard & A Fiery Hook

After completing post-goal step (before, same except ‘one day’ keyword and nosave)
To make the portal permanent, wear the one-day pass, have 50k gold on hand, and go back to Hafling Potion Seller. Say ‘the password’, then ‘fee’.

Area Portal: Lifetime Pass to the Gladiators Arena
| Keywords : lifetime pass gladiator’s arena
| Name : <-L-> Lifetime Pass to the Gladiators Arena <-L->.
| Id : 151897130
| Type : Portal Level : 80
| Worth : 480 Weight : 1
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 115
| Material : paper
| Flags : unique, glow, hum, magic, held, burn-proof,
| : nolocate, solidified, resonated, illuminated,
| : noreown, V3
| Owned By : Kalista
| Found at : The Gladiator’s Arena
| Leads to : The Gladiator’s Arena
| Stat Mods : Damage roll : +9 Luck : +2
| Hit roll : +6 Wisdom : +2

Misc Info:
You can redo the gauntlet (skip the diamonds; just follow the goal steps) to visit lower-tier Imms’ rooms to get 100% explored.