Goal for the Goblin Fortress – Kalista’s Version

The Goblin Fortress Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Become an esteemed aide to the goblin throne.

Go to the royal goblin advisor and say advisor
* Task Added : Get acquainted with the workings of the kingdom.

Go to the taskmaster.
* Task Added : Fetch the goblin taskmaster the wyvern eggs he ordered.

Go to Porphor and say wyvern eggs three times.
Return to the taskmaster.
* Task Added : Raise a full-grown wyvern for the taskmaster.

Wear the whip. Go up, beckon the wyvern to follow you. It will appear as a young wyvern in your inventory.
Go outside the fortress and kill glowworms. (roughly 18)
Give the wyvern back to the taskmaster.
* Task Added : Help the matrons find something to calm the little beasts.

Return to the advisor, then head to the Goblin Lurg. Say ‘Need some relief?’
Track down the shaman. Eventually he’ll listen to you.
Go out of the fortress, all w, all n, enter crack, n, kill spiders for the silk, return to the shaman. You’ll get a scroll.
Go to the Goblin Lurg. Give the scroll to the matron.
Note:Make sure you give it to the unkillable matron, who should be at the bottom of the list of mobs.
* Task Added : Make the captain of the Aylor guard a little happier.

Go to – The captain of the guard, Say Are you happy with your stay?
Go 2 north, slaughter the goblins, get the shield, return it to the captain.
Return to the advisor, say He wants his salary on time.
* Task Added : Find the emissary badge and obtain ownership of said badge.

Kill the drow emissary, loot the badge, wear the badge and return to advisor
* Task Added : Become the goblin king’s trusted advisor.

Return to the advisor and say Krelagash
Go two south and say I’m the new advisor
Go down to the forgotten halls and murder Lodi. Return to the king and give the longsword to him.

The Helm of a Hero: Level 81, head piece, DR8/HR2, Str1, Dex1, Int1, Con1
10 QP and the ability to get the area portal mentioned below.

Misc Info:
To get the area portal, kill Blood Silk for a random drop head. Give the head to Krelagash.

Area Portal: Goblin Warplans
| Keywords : portal hopefully Goblin warplans
| Name : Goblin Warplans
| Id : 5731607
| Type : Portal Level : 60
| Worth : 360 Weight : 1
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 0
| Material : leather
| Flags : glow, hum, magic, held, burn-proof, nolocate,
| : auctioned
| Found at : The Goblin Fortress
| Leads to : The Goblin Fortress