Goal for the Great Salt Flats – Kalista’s Version

The Great Salt Flats Goal Solution:

run 3n;say yes (after prospector talks to you)
* Goal Added : A Tale of Wayward Souls

* Task Added : Help the prospector reunite with his pickaxe.

run 5s;get pickaxe;run 5n;give pickaxe prospector (you will need to wear the pickaxe for the next part)
* Task Added : Bring gold to the prospector.

run 7s;mine;listen beetle
* Task Added : Seek the assistance of the medicine man.

run 3n;say prospector (at medicine man)
* Task Added : Eat a peyote button to experience enlightenment.

run e;get all cactus;eat peyote (you want to eat the one without spells)
* Task Added : Seek out and destroy your worst nightmare.

stand;run nwnw3ne wander around in the maelstrom until you find the sandman
kill the teddy bear
* Task Added : You have faced your fears and triumphed.

find your way back to the medicine man and say I have faced my fears and triumphed
give teddy bear souvenir to the medicine man
* Task Added : The medicine man needs rattles from a rattler.

kill rattlesnakes for a rattle
give rattle to medicine man
* Task Added : Dabble in a bit of magic.

say macaroons are yummy (might not be entirely necessary)
drop powdered rattlesnake rattle
* Task Added : Bring the ghost to her husband.

say follow me
run 4n;say i have found your wife

15qp 😛

Misc Info for explore:
A hard to find room can be got to by fighting The Sandman and remaining vis – he will occasionally teleport you to his lair.