Goal for the Icy Cauldera of Mauldoon – Kalista’s Version

The Icy Caldera of Mauldoon Goal Solutions
* Goal Added : Bring peace to the Icy Caldera

When you first enter Mauldoon, there will be a speil, type ‘accept’ to trigger the goal.
* Task Added : Discover why innocents are being sacrificed.

Find the grisly thug near the entrance and say ‘I want to know why innocents are being sacrificed’.
* Task Added : Learn more from the powers that be.

Go to the priests at the top of the cauldera.
Listen Priest
* Task Added : Learn the other side of the story.’

Go down into the cauldera and find the wrathful flame.
Listen wrathful.
after his spiel say ‘aid’.
* Task Added : Does ice agree?

Go to the ice lord in the last room.
say ‘you cannot win this war’.
* Task Added : Does ice understand the price being paid?

Go back to the Wrathful Flame and say ‘Ice Lord’s perilous position’.
* Task Added : Does fire understand the meaning of oblivion?

Go back to the Ice Lord and say ‘how many have died in this war’.
* Task Added : There must be a settlement.

Go back to Wrathful Flame.
say ‘is Flame’s loss not worth Ice survival?’
* Task Added : A Summit

Go back to Ice Lord.
Say ‘Flame wants to meet’
A battle will ensue and your transported to a slushy room.
* Goal Completed : Bring peace to the Icy Caldera

That unceremoniously closes the goal

10qp 😛