Goal for the Imperial City of Reme – Kalista’s Version

The Imperial City of Reme Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Something Fishy in the City of Reme

Listen to priest of Claire and say ‘yes’.
Listen to the 6 stories.
* Task Added : The Emperor’s New Voices

Go to Emperor and say ‘priest of claire’.
* Task Added : The Alchemist and the Cure

Go to alchemist and say ‘emperor octavian’.
* Task Added : Apocalypse Cloaks for the Masses

Kill demon in picture for cloak and give it to alchemist.
* Task Added : Dead Pigeons in your Stew

Kill pigeon and bring it’s corpse to alchemist.
* Task Added : The Wheelbarrow Cometh

Find the cart and type: pull wood.
Find jug in squalid apartment, pick it up and drop it.
Pull wheel of one of the carts.
Go to alchemist and type: assemble wheelbarrow.
Give wheelbarrow to alchemist.
Give fiddle to emperor.
* Task Added : His gambling is Legion-naire

Go to legionnaire in Inside the Great Gates.
Say ‘priest of claire’.
Give 10000 gold to legionnaire or say ‘gangster’.
* Task Added : Gangsters backwards-r Uz

IF said ‘gangster’ in step 15: Kill 5 gang members and say ‘gangster’ at legionnaire for pendant.
* Task Added : Reports Getting You Down?

Go to guard commander and say ‘priest of claire’.
* Task Added : Spy Eye for the Straight Guy

Give 10000 gold to old man.
Give eye commander.
* Task Added : Did you say D or Z?

Kill many urchins.
You have to kill 23 urchin’s 4 spawn per repop. . .They are however doorable “dirty young urchin”
Say the code to commander.
* Task Added : Which Way Did He Go?!

Say the code in every room in the city ‘til you find THE one.
NOTE: The code will only work when the mob is alone in the room. Some mobs will says they don’t involve themselves, and you can ignore those when you are trying. Others may react to the code, but not finish the goal. Don’t hesitate to keep trying the same mobs. I said the code to the Captain in the Officer’s Barracks and it didn’t work, and then went back in the room a minute later, and it DID work. You just have to keep trying, even though it can be frustrating.

* Task Added : Ever Seen a Gull Fly?

Say ‘priest of claire’ at harbourmaster.
Kill 20 seagulls.
return to harbourmaster
* Task Added : Is It a Breakfast Roll…Or a Dog?

Say ‘priest of claire’ at empress.
Find breakfast roll and type swipe dog until you get it.
Breakfast Roll is doorable
* Task Added : Broken Nails, Broken Promises

Tanda will attack if you’re Good Aligned
Say ‘priest of claire’ at Tanda.
Say ‘leprosy’ at newt priest.
Say ‘Pig won’t fly’ at Tanda.
Say ‘10000 gold’ at newt priest.
Say ‘sucker’ at Tanda.
Say ‘cure’ at priest.
Say ‘10000 gold’ at Tanda.
Give 10000 gold to priest.
* Task Added : Cure of the Leper

Give cure to leper to complete goal.

The Reman centurion will no longer aggro you as you walk into its room.

Misc Info:
The area portal can be bought from the shopkeeper 10en from area entrance for 5000 gold.