Goal for the Infestation – Kalista’s Version

The Infestation Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Rid the realm of the infestation.

Go to ‘The Queen’s Lair’
‘Nod queen’ to trigger goal
* Task Added : Help the Queen be rid of the pests.

Wander around slaughtering bugs and wildlife(this might not be real, you might just need to complete the below task)
Return to the Queen when they’re all dead (unsure of numbers here)
Task will autoclose
* Task Added : Exterminate the exterminator, the Orcin orc!

Go to ‘A Small Shack in the Forest…’
Kill Orcin Orc
Task will autoclose
* Task Added : Delay the inspection of the sewers – permanently.

Go to the room ‘A Cobblestone Path’ at the north entrance of the area
Kill Peter
Kill Sarah
Task will autoclose
* Task Added : Ensure the lost hikers are never found again.

Search around the Cobblestone paths for Betty the Hiker
Kill Betty the Hiker
Search around the Cobblestone Path for Will the Hiker
Kill Will the Hiker
Task will autoclose

5qp 😛