Goal for the Keep of Kearvek – Kalista’s Version

The Keep of Kearvek Goal Solution:

NOTE: There is a lot of waiting for the mprogs to finish, basically at every task done/add. Be patient/wait for them to end.

* Goal Added : The Dark Power of Kearvek * Task Added : The Blood Statue

Buy the gems in the first room. say Kearvek at Coran. say I will
* Task Added : The Blood Den

Give the gems to Coran.

Go 3nw and say Coran sent me.
* Task Added : The Disguised Message

Go 2es and say Vebro is worried.
* Task Added : The Disguise Creation

Go back to Vebro and say Aslai needs a disguise.
* Task Added : The Disguise Wearer

Kill the Vampiric Evoker for the Astral Leggings. They hang out in the north section.
Kill the Vampiric Oracle for the Ring of a Vampiric Spirit. Same section.
And kill the Vampiric Necromancer for the Robes, also in the same section.
Return to Vebro.
* Task Added : The Renegade Meeting

Go to Aslai, he will take the items and leave.
Go back to where Vebro is and wave.
* Task Added : Locating Dru

Go to Dru and say Vebro and Aslai
* Task Added : The Dark Guardians

Make your way to the tower entrance, killing Lunix. Once inside, go up and kill Knizak. Then go down and kill Rydra.
Dru will appear and give you the next task.
* Task Added : The Dungeons, the Blood and Dru

Kill the captured humans, elves, and eldars until they each drop their blood. You may have to pick it up off the ground.
Go back to Dru.
* Task Added : Locating Quel’arian

To locate Quel’arian, go to the side chamber in the Vampiric Tower and type open outline. Go east.
Say Dru sent me
* Task Added : The Mystical Staff of Dark Power

Return to Vebro. say The mystical staff of dark power
* Task Added : The Strength of Vebro

The gauntlets are on Dark Lady Jesa or Dark Lord Rif.
Give the gauntlets to Vebro.
* Task Added : Dru and the Mystical Staff of Dark Power

Give the staff to Dru.
* Task Added : Locating Maigo

Maigo is in the dungeons. Make sure you have the mystical gems from the beginning of the area. Give Maigo the blood.
* Task Added : The Dark God, Kearvek

Enter the portal and unlock the door with the gems.
Go north, kill Raegar. Kearvek will then attack.
Kill him to complete the goal.

You no longer have to buy gems and wait forever for a transport into the tower.
You can just say Kearvek to Coran for an instant transfer.
Area Portal:
| Keywords : dark orb vampires
| Name : the Dark Orb of the Vampires
| Id : 2737678
| Type : Portal Level : 160
| Worth : 0 Weight : 15
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 0
| Material : energy
| Flags : glow, hum, magic, held, nolocate, auctioned, V3
| Found at : The Keep of Kearvek
| Leads to : The Keep of Kearvek