Goal for the Labyrinth – Kalista’s Version

The Labyrinth Goal Solution:

Note: If the queen does not transport you when you enter her room, give her the heavy iron key (see Misc Info).

* Goal Added : Quest to free Yelsem.

Find Priness Zanya
Say ‘yes I will help you’
Type ‘accept’ to receive a heart-shaped locked and trigger the goal
* Task Added : Retrieve information from the Sphinx!

Find the Sphinx
Give the locket to him to be given a leather-bound book
* Task Added : Find someone recently exiled from the Queen’s court.

Find the Former Court Jester
Say ‘love’ to be given some spiele
Give the book to him to receive a scribbled note.
* Task Added : Find the Queen’s feeble grandmother.

Find The Queen’s Feeble Grandmother (usually in the north-east corner area)
Give the scrubbled note to her.
She’ll give it back and complete the task/trigger the next
* Task Added : Find the Keeper of the Keys

Go to ‘Within the Giant Beehive’
Give the note to the Queen Bee and she’ll scream and attack you
Kill her to receive a large heavy iron key
The queen will not trans you into the labyrinth if you have this key
Keywords : vv1 iron key
Name : a large, heavy iron key
* Task Added : Free the prisoner

Find Yelsem the Poor Farmboy (he wanders)
Give the key to him to complete the goal.

15qp and a random item:

Yelsem’s Twisted Bandana

Yelsem’s Broad Back

Yelsem’s Denim Britches

Yelsem’s Promise Ring

Yelsem’s Roughened Hands

Yelsem’s Freedom

Misc Info:
Area Quest / (Must be under lvl 60)
Kill Queen Bee for key again (random drop).
Go to Queen Jula and give her the key for 5% chance at receiving wooden yoke portal.