Goal for the Living Mines of Dak’Tai – Kalista’s Version

Living Mines of Dak’Tai Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Join the resistance and find the real treasure.

* Task Added : Allegiance to the Fol’Dak.

Go to Fallur (37011) and say “i swear my allegiance to fol’dak” to open the goal and get the first task.
* Task Added : Retrieve the missing intel.

Head south out of the town into the desert and find the mad messenger. Kill it for coded missive.
Return to Fallur and say “i swear my allegiance to fol’dak” to get back to secret room and close task.
* Task Added : Search the mines.

Head to blacksmith to open next task.
* Task Added : Find a pretty prize

Head down into the mines, all the way to the bottom to the Lizardman (37046). Listen to the Lizardman then say “yea” to open task.
Go back up and kill the mine foreman for his head.
Kill a driller for his crank shaft.
Head back to Lizardman part and wield shaft. Use “look” to find the five rooms with gems: gold, rubies, diamonds, sapphires, and jade.
Wielding shaft, type “mine gold” (or mine rubies, or mine jade or wherever you are). A tortoise will appear.
Kill the tortoise with autoloot on to get (random % chance) a gem of the type you are mining.
Keep doing this until you have all 5 gems
Once you have all 5 gems and the head, go back to Lizardman who will ask you to kill the foreman
Go to the entrance to to the mine and kill the foreman
Return to the lizardman to close task.
You can now go w and all n to the Ancient. Kill the Ancient for a shard of adamantite. This will close task.
Recall out and head back to blacksmith to complete the goal.

After-goal Reward: The blacksmith can forge items from the Adamantite shard for you. A ring, some bracers, and a figurine. All but the figurine require more than one slab. The ring requires 3. You can go kill the Ancient as many times as you want by nodding at the Lizardman.
The Adamantite will be *random* drop on the Ancient so may take many times.