Goal for the Maelstom – Kalista’s Version

The Maelstrom Goal Solution:

Note: Exotic weapon skill is helpful for the last step of this goal

* Goal Added : Destroy the Maelstrom and free the seas!
Head to the Coral City, to the room ‘Atop the Spire’
Say ‘maelstrom’
say ‘yes’ to trigger the goal
* Task Added : Find the Pearl of Wisdom.

Note: These following tasks involve navigating around the area killing oyster mobs
Some mobs pop with nothing, some with pearls which turn into cash, and some that pop with these pearls
Kill oysters until you get all the pearls

Return to ‘Atop the Spire’ and give one of each of the pearls to the Coral City God to complete the tasks
Once the last pearl has been handed in, the next set of tasks will trigger
* Task Added : Find the Pearl of Strength.
* Task Added : Find the Pearl of Fortitude.
* Task Added : Find the Pearl of Fortune.
* Task Added : Prove yourself courageous.

Return to the start of the area
Go to ‘A Bottomless Chasm?’
Kill the insane spirit there to complete this task
* Task Added : Prove yourself wise.

Go to ‘A Nearly Intact Room’
While the wise adventurer is there, say ‘wise’
Kill the wise adventurer and loot ::Aura of Prudence:: from his corpse
Wear ::Aura of Prudence:: to complete this task (You don’t need to continue wearing it afterwards)
* Task Added : Prove yourself strong.

Go to ‘The Ship’s Bow’
While the couragous captain is there, say ‘strength’
Type ‘furl the main-sail’ to complete the task
* Task Added : Prove yourself lucky.

Head to the start of the maelstrom rooms
Kill all ‘current’ mobs there until one drops you a sand dollar, completing the task (random chance)
Return to ‘Atop the Spire’ to be given ~Hand of God~ and be given the last task The Coral City God exclaims, “Now make haste!”
* Task Added : Destroy the Jengu-Lich.

Wield the ~Hand of God~ and go to ‘The Hydrothermal Vent’
Kill the Jengu-Lich with this weapon to complete the goal.

Reward is a set of Coral Gills, and the scatter-exits at the bottom of the maelstrom stop randomising your exits

Coral Sea Gills
| Keywords : coral gills
| Name : Coral Sea Gills
| Id : 267662380
| Type : Armor Level : 41
| Worth : 1,500 Weight : 2
| Wearable : neck
| Flags : magic, burn-proof, V3
| Notes : Item has 2 resistance affects.
| Stat Mods : Damage roll : +9 Strength : +1 |
| Dexterity : +1