Goal for the Misty Shores of Yarr – Kalista’s Version

The Misty Shores of Yarr Goal Solution:

Note: The ‘Steal’ skill is a required skill

Note: At several points during this goal you’ll be waiting for repops. Kill the Poacher every repop as the chance of him dropping a net is very low, and you’ll need another net at the end of the goal. You’ll also need another pair of cigars as well. Happy farming.

* Goal Added : Find the booty for Captain Mad Jack.

Head to ‘A large clearing’ (30292)
Say ‘aye’ to trigger the goal
* Task Added : Smuggle a few items for the smuggler.

Head to the ship in the northwest of the area
Look for a Drunken Pirate with a Keg of Rum in his inventory
If none of the Drunken Pirates have the rum, kill them and wait for the repop
Steal the keg of rum off the Drunk Pirate
Go to the underground part of the area and kill the Smoking Pirate for a cigar
Wait for the repop and kill him again for a second cigar
Head back to the ship in the northwest of the area and find the First Mate
Give the First Mate a cigar and then wait – he’ll light your cigar too, then give you a Crate of Tobacco
Kill the First Mate for his pistol
On the same ship, find the Pirate with a Pistol
Give the First Mate’s Pistol to the Pirate with a Pistol to receive a Sack of Oranges
Return to the Smuggler with the sack, crate, and keg in your inventory
Say ‘i have the goods’ to receive ‘A Smuggler Application’ and complete the goal/trigger the next
* Task Added : Obtain a poaching permit

Find the Poacher on the eastern side of the island
Kill him repeatedly until you loot a net (~20% chance)
Kill a Monkey Eating a Banana to get a banana
Find a Coconut Wielding Monkey, and with the net in your inventory, give him the banana
Pick up the netted monkey off the floor
Wait for the Poacher to repop
Give the netted monkey to the poacher to receive a Contract for Exotic Animals – this completes this task
* Task Added : Find the idol for Captain Mad Jack.

Return to the Smuggler and keep giving him 10,000 gold until you get a bomb.
Go to the end of the underground tunnel where the Skeleton is
Kill the skeleton with the bomb in your inventory and a Skull with Eyepatch will appear on the floor – pick it up
Return to the Smuggler and buy boards and a shovel.
Find the prisoner on the west side of the island
Say ‘nails’ to receive some nails from the prisone
Head to the Highest Point on the Island and ‘Get all crevice’ for a scrap of paper
Find the Hermit on the west side of the island
Say ‘build’ to be transported to his shack
Unlock the (invis) safe and get the key and journal page from inside
Head to ‘Captain Pete’s House’ and give the Skull with Eyepatch to Pete for a Gold Medallion
Head to ‘Before the Captain’s Cabin’ on the ship to the east of the island
With the Smugglers Application and Contract for Exotic Animals in your inventory, say ‘job’ to be transported to Captain Jack’s room
Kill Captain Jack for his Handful of Rubies.
Head to the undeground section and kill a Pirate Carrying a Chest for his Chest
Pick the lock on the chest and get the Helm and Earring from it
Find and kill Pirates Stealing Treasure for the Bracelet and Necklace (~20% chance of getting them per kill)
With the rubies, bracelet, necklace, earring, and helmet in your inventory, head to the end of the tunnel and unlock/head east
Kill the Skeletal Pirate for the idol
Repeat all the steps in the first two tasks to get another Smugglers Application and Contract for Exotic Animals
Return to ‘Before the Captain’s Cabin’ and say ‘job’ to get admitted to Mad Jack’s room
Drop the idol to receive Captain Jack’s boots – this completes this task and triggers the final one
* Task Added : Return to the smuggler for your reward.

Return to the Smuggler and say ‘mad jack has won the bet’ to receive a Smugglers Ring and complete the goal.

Captain Jack’s Heavy Boots & a smuggler’s ring
| Names : captain jack heavy boots |
| Desc : Captain Jack’s Heavy Boots |
| Type : Armor Level : 140 |
| Worth : 2,500 Weight : 23 |
| Wearable : take feet |
| Flags : magic no-locate auctioned |
| Armor : Pierce : 48 Bash : 48 |
| Slash : 44 Magic : 36 |
| Stat Mods : Save vs spel : +12 Constitution : +14 |

| Keywords : smuggler ring |
| Name : a smuggler’s ring |
| Type : Armor Level : 141 |
| Worth : 0 Weight : 1 |
| Wearable : finger |
| Flags : invis, magic, nolocate, V3 |
| Found at : The Misty Shores of Yarr |
| Stat Mods : Damage roll : +11 Dexterity : +6 |
| Strength : +5 |
| Resist Mods: All physical : +8 All magic : +6 |