Goal for the Relinquished Tombs – Kalista’s Version

The Relinquished Tombs Goal Solution:

Listen to Rilnyi in area’s first room (15385)
say ‘help’ to trigger goal and 2 tasks
* Goal Added : Assist the keepers of The Relinquished Tombs

* Task Added : Find some protection

Go to ‘An abandoned tomb’ (PK Room) (15406)
Type ‘get all corpse’ to get a huge iron key
Go to Entering the tombs (15386) and open west
Buy A Sacred Cross from the janitor. Keep this in inventory through the entire goal.
Return to Rilnyi (15385) and say ‘I have protection’ to close out this task and trigger 3 more.
* Task Added : Aid Kimrodcer

Type ‘grab key’ at Rilnyi to get a golden key
Go to room ‘Before a doorway’ (15414), open east, go east, enter portal, run 3n2en to ‘Throne of the damned’ (15433) and say ‘help’ – will trigger task Escape!
* Task Added : Escape!

Return to portal room (run s2w3s) and type ‘escape’ to be returned to Rilnyi, and close this task and ‘Aid Kimrodcer’.
* Task Added : Assist Dinysmos

Run seswd4sesw to ‘End of the hallway’ (15415), open north, go north, enter opening
Run sd to Dinysmos and say ‘help’ to trigger next task
* Task Added : Banish the beings!

Kill 8 ‘intangible beings’ in the fog area.
Return to Dinysmos to complete his task and this one.
Go ‘u’ and use tiny key (should have looted off of being) to open up
Go up and portal out
* Task Added : Help Drydel

Return to start of area.
Run ses3e to ‘End of the hallway’ (15398) to find Drydel.
Note: There are a couple nopass doors to contend with.
Say ‘help’
Go north, type ‘search’, kill mobs that spawn (loot Drydel’s Lost Earring)
Go 2s, type ‘search’, kill mobs that spawn (loot Drydel’s Lost Ring)
Go nen, type ‘search’, kill mobs that spawn (loot Drydel’s Lost Necklace)
Go 2s, type ‘search’, kill mobs that spawn (loot Drydel’s Lost Bracelet)
Return to Drydel and give him the 4 lost items to close this task.
* Task Added : Assist the keepers

Return to Rilyni and say ‘I am done’ to complete the goal.

20 QPs
You may now be transferred to other areas of the tombs by telling Rilnyi ‘tombs’, ‘outside’, or ‘halls’!
Also, you may type ‘leave’ from anywhere inside the tombs for a quick escape.