Goal for the Ruins of Stormhaven – Kalista’s Version

The Ruins of Stormhaven

Goal Solutions
* Goal Added : Destroy the necromancers.

Go to ‘A Large Cell’ (20680 | cell down from the dungeon guard)
Say ‘story’ for some blurb
Say ‘I do’ for more story
Say ‘i’ll try’ to launch the goal
* Task Added : Destroy the necromancers.

Go to ‘The Necromancer’s Workshop’ or ‘The Lord Necromancer’s Chambers’
Kill Krichel, the white necromancer to launch another task
Go to ‘The Throne of Shadows’ (PK)
Kill Ozwalt, Lord of Shadows to launch another task
Go to ‘The Throne of the Necromancer’ (PK)
Kill Sakelth, the black necromancer to launch another task and complete this one
* Task Added : Find a way to kill the white necromancer.

Note: You need to be neutral align to finish this step.

Go to ‘A Sitting Room’
Say ‘love’ to trigger another task. Complete that task (see below)
While still in ‘A Sitting Room’ say ‘kill the white necromancer’
Go to ‘The Library’
Listen to the fall knight and say ‘weapon’ for a clue
Go to ‘The Tower of Domination’
Kill the Banshee and look ‘Shaganath the Betrayer’
Wield Shaganath the Betrayer and return to ‘The Lord Necromancer’s Chambers’
Kill the White Necromancer with the axe to complete the task
* Task Added : Find a way to get Isabelle to notice Zarifa.

Go to Sen’nare Lake area to ‘Eastern Shore of the Lake’
Collect wildflowers that repop on the ground
Return to Ruins of Stormhaven area
Head to ‘The Castle Kitchen’
Give the wildflowers to Isabelle
Say ‘they are from Zarifa’ to receive a silky white handkerchief
Return to ‘A Sitting Room’
Give the silky white handkerchief to Zarifa to complete the task
* Task Added : Find a way to kill the Lord of Shadows.

Go to ‘The Tower of Domination’ (PK)
Listen to the Banshee to trigger a task
Go to ‘The Grey Tower’ (PK)
Listen to the Soul Stealer to trigger another task
Go to ‘The Phantom Tower’ (PK)
Listen to the Titanic Phantom to trigger another task
Go to ‘The Shadow Tower’ (PK)
Listen to the Shadow Lord to trigger another task
Complete each of the subtasks in order, all mobs aggro so try not to kill them.
When the last one is done, this one will close and the last task will open
* Task Added : Break the bracelet holding the screaming banshee.

Go to the ruins a look for the White Guard Commander
Listen to the White Guard Commander and say ‘judgement’ to receive the weapon ‘Judgement’
Return to ‘The Tower of Domination’ (PK)
Wear Judgement
Type ‘break bracelet’ to free the banshee and complete the task
* Task Added : Bring the soul stealer a tasty morsel to eat.

Go to ‘The Shadow Tower’
Kill the Shadow Lord and loot Anthalist

Wield Anthalist and go kill mages and clerics in the White Castle until you look a tasty morsel fo the Soulstealer
Return to ‘The Grey Tower’ (PK)
Give the tasty morsel to the Soul Steal to complete the task
* Task Added : Find something to break the titanic phantom’s chains.

Go to ‘The Cleric’s Quarters’
Kill the Master Cleric and loot ‘Albreik, the Divine Hammer’
Wield the hammer
Go back to ‘The Phantom Tower’ (PK)
Type ‘break chains’ to complete this task
* Task Added : Free the shadow lord for revenge upon the necromancer.

Go to ‘A Magical Emporium’
Give 5000 coins to Idedalrdy for a potion of unbinding
Return to ‘The Shadow Tower’ (PK)
Give the potion to the shadow lord – he’ll give it back and tell you to pour it on the chains
Type ‘pour potion on the chains’ – the exact wording is important
* Task Added : Find a way to kill the black necromancer.

Head to ‘The Dark Altar’ (PK)
Say ‘kill the black necromancer’
Go to ‘The Cleric’s Quarters’
Say ‘death lords’
Kill the master cleric for the Armageddon Key
Go to ‘Atop the Tower of Corpses’ (PK)
Say ‘death lords’ to trigger a task
Complete the subtask

Head to the White Castle and kill mobs until you loot a pure soul
Note: Be warned! The soul item only lasts for 2-3 minutes before vanishing. Be quick!
Return to ‘Atop the Tower of Corpses’
Give the soul to the child to complete the task
* Task Added : Destroy the death lords!

Head to ‘Atop the Abysmal Tower’ (PK)
Kill the priest and loot ‘an inverted cross’
Go to ‘Atop the Tower of Despair’ (PK)
Give the inverted cross to the Bloated Demon to receive a tainted cross
Find the Zombie Overlord in the ruins and kill to loot a Spear of Corruption
Go to ‘A Sitting Room’
Kill Zarifa and look a key and a magic pocket. Unlock the pocket and take the Necromide from inside
Head to ‘The Dark Altar’ (PK)
With the spear, necromide, armageddon key, and tainted cross in your inventory, give the Necromide to the Dark Priest
* Task Added : Find the nether demon a soul to snack upon.

Prepare for a tough fight.
Max hp/stats SH + plenty of double incompletes will be required
Enter portal
Kill the Death Lord to complete the task
Enter portal to leave incase the bugger repops
* Task Added : Return victorious.

Return to ‘A Large Cell’ to complete the goal.

Most mobs in the area will not aggro you, and you can go to the different towers by saying ‘white’, ‘black’ or ‘shadow’ at the mage east of the beginning of the area.