Goal for the Scarred Lands – Kalista’s Version

The Scarred Lands Goal Solution:

Note for Keys: To open the locked door in the north part, you must kill the Dragon Snakes until you find the Dragon Snake Head.
Give the head to Pete and you will get the Keg that will unlock that door.

Now to open the southern up door, you will have to kill the Persistent Miner and get a pick.
Give the pick to the Wounded Miner for the Keg that will unlock the door.

Go to Pete the warrior (34050) and say yes

* Goal Added : Help save the Scarred Lands.

* Task Added : Prove to Pete you can handle yourself.

kill dragonsakes until you get the head of one. Give it to Pete.
* Task Added : Find Commander Joey and ask him how you can help.

Go to Joey (34063) and say help
* Task Added : Commander Joey’s forces defeat Mother Dragon.

* Task Added : Find the sorcerer and persuade him to help.

Go to the sorcerer (34070) and say help
* Task Added : Go ask the shadow dragon for some of its essence.

Go to the shadow dragon (34075) and say essence
* Task Added : Get a gold scale for the shadow dragon.

Kill the gold dragon (not the juveniles) for its scale and give it to the shadow dragon.
* Task Added : Give the statue to the sorcerer.

Return to the sorcerer and give him the bird figurine. (34070)
* Task Added : Kill the shadow dragon.

Attempt to kill it to load the next task.
* Task Added : Find a weapon to kill the shadow dragon.

Go to Joey (34063) and say get
Wear the Shadow Slayer and kill the shadow dragon
* Task Added : Task 11 : Give the essence to the sorcerer.

Do it. (34070)
* Task Added : Kill Father Dragon.

Wear the portal stone, walk west from the portal room (34079), and kill the Father.
* Task Added : Return to Commander Joey.

Do it. (34063)
* Task Added : Have some dragonwing boots made.

Kill a persistent miner for worn boots.
Kill Deep Dragon for a dragon’s talon.
Kill Mist Dragon for a shimmering gemstone and give it to the Amethyst Dragon to receive a chunk of steel ore.
Give the ore to a wounded Steel Dragon (it’ll say it needs ore when you listen to it) for a steel ingot.
Go to Sven and say ready then say wiener (which is of course the obvious name for a 40 foot bird)
Wear the dragon’s skull (Father Dragon), the Dragonwing boots (Sven), and a portal stone (25k gold to sorcerer)
Go west from the portal room
Either kill the Mother Dragon or agree to help her.

10 quest points.
If you said no and killed the Mother Dragon, when you go to Pete without a powder keg, you will receive one to unlock the northern rocks.
Black leather belt with a skull buckle

If you said yes and helped the Mother Dragon, you will receive a keg to unlock the southern rock pile.
Red leather belt with a skull buckle