Goal for the Shadows of Minos – Kalista’s Version

The Shadows of Minos Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Aid the mappers and rescue their lost member.

At beginning of zone say ‘what’s wrong’ to Worried Cartographer
Then say ‘I will save her’
* Task Added : Find the lost cartographer, alive or dead.

Find wounded Cartographer (SE corner of main area)
Say ‘The Guild sent me’
Say ‘Im ready’
* Task Added : Get rid of your old maps of Minos.

Type ‘explored resetarea’
* Task Added : Practice the Guild of Cartographer’s mapping techniques.

Map 10 rooms – her way (check back with her every few rooms to ensure going right way)
* Task Added : Finish mapping the lands around the keep.

Map rest of main area (not keep) and return to her.
* Task Added : Find and study Asterion’s treasure chamber.

Type ‘write down details’ in Treasure room
* Task Added : Finish mapping the final rooms of Minos.

Return to the Wounded Cartographer
* Task Added : Return to the chamber and find Asterion’s treasure.

Go to Treasure Room and type ‘pull lever’
Take statue to wounded Cartographer and give it to her
Return to first room and say ‘I have found her’
and then say ‘She is safe’ to complete the goal.

You can now ‘enter tunnel’ to go straight to Treasure room