Goal for the Silver Volcano – Kalista’s Version

The Silver Volcano Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Claim the power of TrueSilver.

Go 1w from entrance to the Balrog’s Adept
Say ‘yes’ to open the goal
* Task Added : To claim the Power of TrueSilver
* Task Added : Pay your respects to the Venerated Dragon.
* Task Added : Find the Mage on the Mountain.

Go to ‘A Cavern’ (6124) where you will find Fartho
Say ‘I am here to claim the balrog’s power’ to complete this task and trigger the next
* Task Added : Search for Fartho’s confiscated scroll.

Go to ‘The Office’ (6094)
Kill Soul of Sein and loot scroll
Return to ‘A Cavern’ and give the scroll to Fartho
* Task Added : Find the ingredients for TrueSilver.

Go to ‘One of the pens’ (6113)
Kill souls of horses until you loot a horseshoe.
Note: horseshoe is a timed item.
Go to ‘Tack Room’ (6114) and kill the ghost to loot a strange potion
Go to ‘Dragon Cave General Store’ (6161) and buy a dragon wand
Return to ‘A Cavern’ (6124) with all the items in your inventory
Note: You must have all in inv; do not do one at a time or he will attack.
* Task Added : Find the Elixir of Dracos.

Buy a dragon’s potion from ‘Dragon Cave General Store’ (6161)
Return to ‘A Cavern’ and give the dragon’s potion to Fartho to receive a vial of TrueSilver
Take vial of quicksilver and go to ‘Dracos’s Chamber’ (6160)
When prompted, give the vial of TrueSilver to Dracos to receive the vial back and a note
* Task Added : The Deal with the Adept of Balrog.

Go back to ‘A turn in the road’ (6088)
Give the note to the adept to complete/trigger the next task
* Task Added : The Adept’s Response.

Return to Dracos’s Chamber (6160)
Give note to Dracos – he will attack you
Kill Dracos
* Task Added : Return to the Adept.

Return to ‘A turn in the road’ (6088)
Say ‘Dracos is dead’
When prompted, give the vial of TrueSilver to the adept
* Task Added : Get the Sword of Truesilver.

Note: Be good aligned
Go to ‘A bedroom’ (6100) where you will find Soul of Hans
Say ‘sword of truesilver’ to receive a Sword of TrueSilver
Return to ‘A turn in the road’ (6088)
Give the Sword of TrueSilver to the adept to receive the sword and a chunk of silver rock
Go to ‘The Silver Cave’ (6128, after maze) where The Balrog is
Wield sword and kill Balrog
Return to adept (6088) and give looted whip to adept to complete the goal.

5 pieces of TrueSilver ore
17 quest points and 1000 experience points.