Goal for the Slaughter House – Kalista’s Version

The Slaughter House Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Help Nox gain sole ownership of the dark power.

Listen to Nox (top floor)
Say ‘yes’
* Task Added : Rid the mansion of the minor minions

Go East to weaponsmith and say ‘give me a new weapon’
Take the weapon he gives you (Wooden Stake) and slaughter 5 Vampires
Each time you kill the right mob it says ‘That felt good’
When done it says to return to Weaponsmith and say Give me a new weapon
Repeat with: Sling Blade / Monk’s Spade – 6 Zombies
Dull Hatchet / 2×4 with Rusty Nail – 5 Killers/Butchers
Shard – 7 Crusaders/Soldiers/Slayer
Cross – 7 Demons
Return to Nox and say “I am done’
* Task Added : Kill the masters and return specific items to Nox.

Kill the following mobs and (loot items):
Titanus (Shield), Sepulchrumalum (Staff), Nosferatu (Fang), Enisia (Slice), Asmodeus (Sticks)
Give all the items to Nox to complete the goal.

Barbed Wire Belt