Goal for the Temple of Shal’indrael – Kalista’s Version

The Temple of Shal’indrael 1-2 Goal Solutions:

Temple1 Goal:
* Goal Added : Find inner balance in the floating temple.
Go to start of area, ‘listen sublime’ and say ‘yes’ to trigger goal
* Task Added : Seek out the guide on your path: Mar-Nalan.

Run 2s
Listen mar-nalan
* Task Added : Embrace the good within: Find the Chakram of Light.

Run 2w;enter portal;run wd
Say ‘purity’ to be transported to Krellick
Kill Krellick for Chakram of Light
* Task Added : Embrace the evil within: Find the Chakram of Darkness.

Run sd
Kill Dar’karath for key
Open d;run d;enter portal;run 2e;enter portal;run eu
Say ‘darkness’ to be transported to Melbogia
Kill Melbogia for Chakram of Darkness
* Task Added : Unite the two halves of the whole: the Yin-Yang Chakram.

Run wu
Kill being of light for key
Open u;u;enter portal
Leave and enter the room again to have Mar-Nalan join the two halves into a Yin-Yang Chakram
* Task Added : Navigate the wavering of your soul: the Maze of Neutrality.

Open s;s;enter portal;run sd;enter silver;run ewe2s
Arriving at The Throne of Perfect balance
* Task Added : Best the the master of Shal’indrael: Barrick.

Kill Barrick (be neutral to take less damage) to complete remaining tasks and goal
Barrick vulns: Fire, Slice, Magic
Barrick Invulns: Bash, Holy, Shocking Bite, Air, Pierce

No reward except standard no-save portal you used to get:
a Yin-Yang Pendant
| Keywords : Yin-Yang Pendant |
| Name : a Yin-Yang Pendant |
| Id : 925485407 |
| Key : temple-6 ( 20006) |
| Type : Portal Level : 185 |
| Worth : 1,000 Weight : 5 |
| Wearable : hold, portal |
| Score : 0 |
| Flags : magic, burn-proof, nosave, V3 |
| Found at : The Temple of Shal’indrael |

Finish first goal.
Return to Sublime, listen, say secrets
You’ll get tasked with collecting/creating five items. Each item requires some of the following:
Diamond – seeker of balance
Rose Quartz – Flittering Sprite
Topaz of Worth – Glittering Fairy
Blood-Red Ruby – Dragonette
Socketed Bracer or Earring
Socketed Earring – Demonic Hag
Socketed Bracer – Something | Flittering Sprite
Bonding Agent – Seeker of Virtue
You’ll want to kill Seekers of Balance/Virtue every repop as the item spawns are low.
Gather required items. You will need to combine gems to make a new gem, and then combine that into a socket.
Gems (say combine gem1 gem2 etc at The Inner Sanctum Of Shal’indrael (31600) to combine into new types)
According to the mob, there are four high gem recipes.
Amethyst = Ruby + Topaz
Emerald = Diamond + Topaz
Rose Quartz = Diamond + Ruby
Prism = Amethyst + Emerald + Rose Quartz (‘combine all’)
say combine gem bracer at Krith-en’s Altar (31603)
say combine gem earring at Trillian’s Altar (31604)
Kill royal cherubs for the diamond-imbued bracer
There may be other bracers or earrings off other mobs.
return to the start of the zone to complete the goal.

the Seeker’s Mortal Ring of (Mercy)
| Keywords : seeker mortal ring mercy |
| Name : the Seeker’s Mortal Ring of (Mercy) |
| Id : 958152094 |
| Type : Armor Level : 196 |
| Worth : 0 Weight : 20 |
| Wearable : finger |
| Score : 290 |
| Material : energy |
| Flags : invis, magic, V3 |
| Owned By : Kalista |
| Found at : The Temple of Shal’indrael |
| Stat Mods : Damage roll : +21 Hit roll : +15 |
| Constitution : +11 Saves : +4 |
| Resist Mods: All physical : +11 All magic : +8 |

Misc Info:
Navigating the maze: from center, run d;enter silver;run ewe2s to get to Barrick.
Once you get to the end kill Barrick to receive the a Yin-Yang Pendant which is a portal that will get you to the last room with exits that will direct you to different sections of the zone.
Which sounds really cool, until you see that it’s no save.