Goal for the Tournament of Illoria – Kalista’s Version

The Tournament of Illoria Goal Solution:

Level-lock (Cap) at 90

Go to ‘In the Stands’ (10445).
Listen Layna and wait, then say I am up for it.
* Goal Added : Unravel the mysteries at the tournament.

* Task Added : Return Layna her lost ring.

* Task Added : Finagle the castle keys from the knights.

Kiss flower girl for flower, give to Grork (10431).
He will open the door west to the Red Knight’s Room.
Say ‘pact’ at Red Knight to receive Red Sigil.
* Task Added : Investigate the plot against the royals.

Use the Red Sigil to unlock down in ‘Weapons Storage Shed’ (10436) to reach Ebon Knight.
Kill him for Ebon Sigil.
Kill Green (10425), Cyan (10427), Silver (10430), and Gold (10435) knights for their sigils.
Go to refreshment tent and buy oni leg and goodberry pie.
Go to Fakir (10437) and say sirnef to be teleported to White Knight.
White Knight is aggie. Give him oni leg and goodberry pie (in that order) for White Sigil
Kill Blue and Yellow knight for their timed sigils and the Yellow Sword
Return to Layna.
Note: It may be easier to command yellow/blue knights to remove sigil and then steal them as the timer will not activate.
* Task Added : Earn the King’s favour.

* Task Added : Find the thief and recover the stolen ring from him.

Go the the Red Knight’s Tent (10429) and kill Quinn for a tiny white gem.
Give white gem to alchemist for potion.
Use the White Sigil to unlock down in The Knight’s Stables (10451).
Find Huuba in ‘Below the Combat Ring’ (10456).
Note: Be visible
Give the green potion to Huuba for transport to a secret room with a rogue.
Kill Rogue for secret assassination plans (have a rot timer)
Go up and give plans to queen; she will give them back.
Give plans to king to receive a handkerchief.
Kill ‘a hurrying Illorian’ (10439) for a Tournament Program.
Go to Fakir (10437) and say fenris to get a doll from him.
Make sure you have the sigils from Green, Cyan, Silver, Gold, and Yellow Knights (yellow has rot timer).
Go to ‘Inside the Small Castle’ (10460) and unlock north with handkerchief to enter ‘A Hidden Passageway’.
Use the sigils to unlock the doors east to reach the yellow knight’s wife.
Give her the yellow sword and she will send you to ‘The Tall Tower’
Give doll princess and she will drop a piece of marble.
Pick it up.
Note: Make sure you have all nine sigils in your inventory.
Kill Blue and Yellow knights again for their sigils, if needed.
Go to ‘Inside the Small Castle’ (10460) and give marble statue, then give handkerchief statue to be sent to ‘A Vast Decorated Room’ (need to be level 90 or below)
Give program to retired champion and wait until he’s done talking.
* Task Added : Fight the Retired Champion honourably.

Bow to champion.
He will attack you.
Kill him to ‘Sigil of Illoria’.
Return to Layna (10445).
Give the sigil to her and she will give you the area portal and complete the goal.

25qp and Area portal: Sigil of Illoria
| Keywords : sigil illoria
| Name : the Sigil of Illoria
| Id : 542732731
| Type : Portal Level : 60
| Worth : 10 Weight : 4
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 0
| Material : energy
| Flags : glow, hum, magic, blessed, held, burn-proof,
| : nolocate, V3
| Found at : The Tournament of Illoria
| Leads to : The Tournament of Illoria