Goal for the Trouble with Gwillimberry – Kalista’s Version

The Trouble with Gwillimberry Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Rid Gwillimberry of the vermin infesting the town.

Go to the head gardener and say vermin, say yes; goal will open.
* Task Added : Rid Gwillimberry of the infestation.

Go to Littleberry.. listen or walk into the room until you get another task.
Go to the rat mystic, say help, say vermin to open a task.
* Task Added : Discover the secret path of the vermin.

* Task Added : Obtain the accoutrements of the Unseelie Court.

Go 6ne5n (from the beginning) and buy a ticket. (The Ballroom, Rm 26007. Tickets are 50k)
Open north into the garden (this section is pk). Don’t drop the stub, you’ll use it later.
You are looking for three items:
You get a ring of the Unseelie from a cajoling faerie.
You get the Sweat Trick from a smiling faerie.
You get a Jester’s Mask from the drunken faerie.
Note: You will need two of each. Not every mob have these items, but you can look at them with peek to tell who to kill.

Wear the mask and ring.
The cavorting faerie will trade you a Jester’s Rattle for the Jester’s mask.
* Task Added : Bring a jester’s rattle to Littleberry.

The serious faerie will trade you a Jester’s Harlequin Vest for the Sweat Trick.
Come out of the gardens and find the gloomy faerie.
They will trade the ring of the Unseelie for Jester’s Curly Toe Slippers.
That should give you 6 items in total-The rattle, wand (trick), ring, mask, vest, and shoes.
* Task Added : Discover a use for the playing card.

Go back to Littleberry, give him the rattle, and receive a playing card of the Unseelie Court.
Make sure you are wearing everything but the trick and return to the rat mystic.
Make sure you are wearing everything but the trick and go to the rat king.
Be sure to kill all his horde first or the next step will not work.
Attack the rat king and he will transfer you after a couple of rounds and end the task
Type Crawl into tunnel, run 2nwnenwnuuswdn, enter portal, give the ticket (stub) to the guardian.
Go 2n and give the card to the king; he will give you a joker. Kill him after for the Crown of Swords portal.
* Task Added : Play a ‘Joke’ on the Queen.

Go se and give the joker to the queen; she will transfer you.
* Task Added : Retrieve the passage to Gwillimberry from Minch.

Go 2w and up to kill Minch for the goal to end.
You get a colorful portal, grats.

Area Portal: Passage to Gwillimberry
| Keywords : passage gwillimberry
| Name : Passage to Gwillimberry
| Id : 789714311
| Type : Portal Level : 80
| Worth : 0 Weight : 10
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 35
| Material : energy
| Flags : unique, glow, hum, magic, held, burn-proof,
| : nolocate, V3,
| : saveable
| Found at : The Trouble with Gwillimberry
| Leads to : The Trouble with Gwillimberry

Misc Info:
The Faerie King has a portal that leads into The Unseelie Court.
Kill him for it.
You will occasionally get quest and campaign targets in this area.