Goal for the Uprising – Kalista’s Version

The Uprising Goal Solution:

Note: Once you start this goal, the area’s a bastard to move around at times until you finish. If you say anything in any room while it’s open, you’ll get attacked. If you want to move around the city, you need to kill anything with ‘dark’ in its name before moving to the next room or they kick you out. But if you attack them, they kick you out too. Putting them to sleep using Strangle or Slit is handy/the best way to move past them.

Go to the high priestess to the south east (31970)
Say yes
* Goal Added : A Dark Elf Dilemma * Task Added : Help the High Priestess

sign yes
* Task Added : Rescue the Dark Elves from the Cyclopses

Note: During this task, when moving around the cyclops part, you’ll get stopped by cyclops guards and their frikkin lasers.
Once it tells you to get down, you need to sit quickly, until it says the guard didn’t see you.
If you’re too slow it’ll dispel just about EVERYTHING on you and kick you out.

A cyclops enchanter stops and carefully scans the upper half of this cavern.
Maybe you should get down low!
The cyclops does not see you; it’s safe to continue!
To get to the cyclops, go to 44571 and ‘walk through wall’. You get that clue from ‘investigate’.

From 42138 (4wn), ‘jump in’. It’ll tell you you need a disguise or something.
Wandering around, it prompts that one of the troll slaves has something that can be used.
Ex. “This troll slave is wearing something that might fit!”
Kill it and wear the robes you loot.
Try to jump in from 42138 again and it says your disguise aint good enough.
Go to (42148)
take all rack and identify each potion.
You have to identify the potion with the directions first before the lock of hair will drop.
Loot a lock of hair from another troll slave, probably a random drop.
Go back to (42148)
get straws table
get bar table
get 2.potion rack
identify potion
fill flask
add hair
hold bar
mix potion
insert straw
slurp potion
Oooo.. hello trollface!

Go back to (42138) and jump in.
Kill the cyclops elder and loot the key. It’s bent, you gotta fix it.
Go to the forge in the city (43786)
look sign, it tells you what to do but here you go:
open drawer
take all drawer
wield tongs
hold warped
heat it up
give key anvil
wield hammer
hammer anvil
woo, (M) a perfect key (120)

Head back to the Cyclops area, make your way through the laser traps and head south to (42143).
Unlock and open south to complete the task.
* Task Done : Rescue the Dark Elves from the Cyclopses
* Task Added : Rescue the Dark Elves from the Cerejellums

Note: Stock up on potions!
Everything in this section aggros you, won’t let you retreat and most give no exp.
You don’t wanna have to come back and do it again if you run out.
Head on over to the Cerejellum side. To get there, go to (31965) and ‘squeeze through’.
Keep killing mobs and moving towards (41992) – e4ne2nene.
Once you get there, the leader tells you that you need some plans for a bomb.
The good news is those aggro mobs you just went through aren’t a problem any more.
Now go to the Tinkers Guild in Aylor – (32620).
Kill em all cause you can, but I looted x-89q kakorrhaphiophobic super blazebomb plans from the charred corpse of an exhibiting gnome.
While you are here, stop by the potion shop (32476), buy vial
If you look at the plans, and then look list, it tell you that you need:

a giant dynamite bat
a fire elemental
a cobweb
explosive gas
If you look at bat/elemental/cobweb/gas, it’ll tell you how to get them.
NOTE: SAVE THE BAT FOR LAST. (rot timer ~45s)

Fire elemental – go to the city forge (43786) and look forge. Done.
Cobweb – find a collosal spider just outside the city and listen to it, it wants 8 bugs.
You’ll notice the rooms around there, maybe only to the west, as you walk in it tells you a bug crawls out.
Kill it before it crawls back in. Repeat x8, go back to a collosal spider and bow spider. Done.
Explosive gas – Have the vial from Aylor potion shop. In the rooms around the city, I got it somewhere southeastish (31969), and investigate in them until it tells you that you captured some explosive gas. Done.
Giant Dynamite Bat – kill a dark elf archer for his crossbow, and a dark elf patrol guard for a quiver of any kind.
Find a dynamite bat north-east outside the city, wield the crossbow and wear the quiver and kill it.
NOTE: It’ll go into your inv, but only lasts about 45 seconds.
Quickly go back to the cerejellum leader – (41992).

* Task Done : Rescue the Dark Elves from the Cerejellums
* Task Added : Gather Twelve Dark Elf Weapons for the Priestesses

Go kill dark elf guards, mercs, bull shits, x12.
Go back to the cerejellum leader – (41992).
* Task Done : Gather Twelve Dark Elf Weapons for the Priestesses

Go to the room ‘At the Pulpit’ (43794) in the temple in the city.
plant bomb
Go back to the high priestess you started at – (31970)
nod high
You get teleported to the Dark Lady’s Realm.

Go north to complete the goal.

25qp and the dark elves in the city no longer kick you out.

Misc Info:
The Dark Lady says, “Thank you so much for helping those who worship me. I
shall give you an optional task. If you complete this task, then you may
give the high priestess a nod in order to return to me. The dark elves
have stolen and concealed hundreds of my amulets. Return to me with just
five of these amulets, and I will give you something you may treasure.”
** Task Done : Help the High Priestess
** Goal Completed: A Dark Elf Dilemma

Note: To get the treasure she’s talking about, you need to kill dark elves in the city over and over for 5 random drop ‘Dark Lady’s amulet’ pieces. I think I had more luck with the evil ones, so the bull riders, patrol guards, and the relaxing ones in the tent worked too.

Get 5 of those, go back to the high priestess – (31970)
nod at her to go back to the Dark Lady, walk north and she’ll give you the Dark Lady’s Blessing.
I’m told it can have different stats so it might look different to this one.

The Dark Lady’s Blessing
| Keywords : dark ladys lady’s blessing
| Name : the Dark Lady’s blessing
| Id : 1301477867
| Type : Light Level : 131
| Worth : 524 Weight : 4
| Duration : permanent
| Wearable : light
| Score : 195
| Material : fire
| Flags : unique, invis, magic, held, burn-proof, nolocate,
| : V3
| Found at : The Uprising
| Stat Mods : Damage roll : +13 Strength : +7
| Dexterity : +6
| Resist Mods: All physical : +7 All magic : +5
| Negative : +4 Water : -4

For 100% Explore:
Go to A Deep Gorge (31967)
Get pickaxe skull
Give pickaxe to a dark dwarf miner. He gives you whiskey.
Give whiskey to a relaxing dark elf soldier inside the tent in the city. He gives you stew.
Give stew to a kobold slave, somewhere in the city. He gives you a little red dress.
Wear dress and be female.
Wait until midnight in the city, just outside the tent
At midnight, enter tent, east, give 1000 gold bouncer.
He pops when you walk in the room, so don’t wait in there.
He’ll transfer you to the nightclub.