Goal for the Witches of Omen Tor – Kalista’s Version

The Witches of Omen Tor Goal Solution:

run nd;enter bush;say you are right;agree

* Goal Added : Spy for Aethelswyth in Omen Tor, ftw!

* Task Added : Spy for Aethelswyth, ftw!

* Task Added : Find Aethelfled’s prisoner.

run w;enter raft;run 2n;enter raft;run 2n3es;kill helewis (for key)

run n6w2d;open south;run s;say the spy

run n2u3e2s;enter raft;run 2s;enter raft;run 2u;k raven (for key)

run d2ws;open safe;take all safe;run n2ed;enter bush;give plan spy

* Task Added : Tell Cuthwulf Swyth what you know.’

run w;enter raft;run 2n;enter raft;run 3nd4ne5nw2n2eue;give plan cuth

** Task Added : Kill the Chieftain of the Bog Warriors.

* Task Added : Ensure Cwenhild’s safety.

run wd2w2sesenw3n;give note cwenhild;k creoda
* Task Added : Kill Creoda for Cwenhild.

Find the chieftain. I found him at run 3se of Cwenhild

Run back to Cwenhild and give headdress cwenhil

* Task Added : Give hope to Aethelswyth.’

run 3sw2nw2nw2nu4n;give hope aethelswyth to complete the goal.

Area Portal: Aethelswyth’s Visions
Bonus: There are multiple places to find the spirit of Aethel, which will transport you to other parts of the area.
Remember to add them to your mapper cexits!

A Guest Room (15587)
Convservatory (15612)
A Private Chamber (15668)
Say the following to be transported:

Gyth (Entrance to the Fortress Aethelburh, 15578)
Fled (A Hallway in the Palace, 15598)
Fryth (A Misty Bog, 15627)
Swyth (The Citadel Courtyard, 15645)