Goal for the Yurgach Domain – Kalista’s Version

The Yurgach Domain Goal Solution:

Enter rift in ‘Edge of the fire-swamp’ (29490).
Enter rift, and kill guardian for tiny silver key.
Go 3e to find Sylciri (14088).
Say ‘yes’
* Goal Added : Help Sylciri overtake the Yurgach Lord.
* Task Added : Help Sylciri get revenge against the Yurgach Lord

Note: Once you have completed the four tasks outlined below, go to Sylciri. If the goal does not complete after you complete the last task in Sylciri’s room, then leave and reenter the room.

* Task Added : Completely explore Yurgach Domain

Get 100% explored in the area.
Two rooms commonly missed are after Torture Chamber (14097)- enter brazier and down
Return to Sylciri and say ‘explored’ when you have 100% explored.
* Task Added : Find the lost Light member in the dungeons

Note: Need to be good align.
Note: If you take too long, he will stop following and disappear.
Beckon lost Light member (in rooms beyond the custom exit).
Say ‘call for help’ to have him move to other side of cexit.
Lead him to the forest maze out of the dungeon.
* Task Added : Kill the Yurgach Lord

Path from entrance to Lord is run n3es2e3s3wses4e2de2s2wd2n2u2nwnew4s.
Kill Bodyguards first, then kill Lord for his head (on a timer).
* Task Added : Bring the Lord’s head back to Sylciri

Give Yurgach Lord’s head (on a timer) back to Sylciri to complete the goal.