Goal for Tournament Camps – Kalista’s Version

Tournament Camps Goal Solution:

Note: Be level 5.

* Goal Added : Win the tournament in Tournament Camps.

Go to Radel (Room 4721) say “sign me up”.
* Task Added : Defeat the champion of the tournament in the arena.

Go to Champion of the Arena and say “challenge”. (Room 1124)
Go to blacksmith (Room 1117) and say “weapon”.
* Task Added : Defeat the Champion of the Forest.

Go to room “A secluded grove” kill champion of forest. (Room 1119)
* Task Added : Defeat the Champion of the Fields.

Go to room “A camouflaged hut” and kill champion of the fields. (Room 1118)
* Task Added : Defeat the Champion of the Water.

Go to room “a hidden cave” kill champion of water. (Room 1120)
* Task Added : Defeat the Champion of the Skies.

Go to room “flying amongst the clouds” and kill champion of skies. (Room 1121)
* Task Added : Defeat the Champion of the Shadows.

Go to room “Deep crypt” and kill champion of shadows. (Room 1122)
* Task Added : Reforge the Sword of Champions.

Give all pieces to black smith. (Room 1117)
* Task Added : Find a hilt for the Sword of Champions.

Go to tarob and say “hilt”. (Room 4739)
* Task Added : Steal the message.

Kill a messenger (Room 4721) and go back to tarob. (Room 4739)
* Task Added : Steal back the map.

Go kill 5 subjects (dark elf, sprite, troll, giant, triton, wolf, griffon, etc.) in each area.
When you get the map read it, go to coords, type dig. (Room: 18529: The hilt is buried at co-ordinates 18,23 on the continent of Gelidus.)
Give hilt blacksmith (Room 1117).
Wear sword, go to tarob, say yes (Room 4739).
Kill champion. (Room 1124)
* Task Added : Claim your reward.

Go back to coordinates and ‘dig’ to complete the goal.
Note: If it didn’t complete, try removing the sword and digging again with it in your inventory instead of equipped.

Reward: 10qp, 9 trains