Goal for Transcendence 3

Goal for Transcendence3
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Updated: 06 Oct 2022

This page contains information on artifacts can can only be obtained after completing Transcend2 goal by defeating Aion.

This is a collection of notes. It is a work-in-progress.  It is unknown if this is another goal or area quest or just extra things you can do after transcend2 is complete. The format of this page will change once more details are know.

Timewalk is a new skill that is acquired by completing transcend2 goal.  It is an instant move in the transcend area where aggro’s will not bother you.  It also can be used as a no fail retreat.

The Oracle will now provide different information once you have completed transcend2 goal. If you return to the Oracle during 3-moons (you may need eye cast on you), he will tell you to talk with the sage in the Frayed Space.  Listening to the sage.
A sage says, “All things are interlinked. If you give that which resonates with your aura to that which blazes it, you will find the path to discovering your Soul.”
This message tells you that you need to find your soul season. This can be done by giving your same color shard from transcend2 goal combined to the mob of your color.

  • red = ruby reaver
  • green = luminescent glow
  • yellow = elemental lightning
  • blue = sapphire refraction

Important: If you toggle rotdeath off shard you can give it to the mob to receive a message then kill the mob for your shard back.

You give a yellow crystal shard to elemental lightning.
As elemental lightning strikes a yellow crystal shard, it splinters into jagged streaks.
The intense light burns an image of the Storm into your eyes.

After you have completed this step, you can speak with the Oracle again.
The Oracle says, “In the season of your soul, with the closing quintet of a measure of that which is not our time, it is said that the foreign one will reveal secrets untold.”

The Oracle says, “It seems you have already found the path beyond your doom, and I say no more.”
Once you know your season, you should go back to the area and see what changes take place and report back.

It is unknown what this part means.

[Permanent Phase Crystal Artifact]

For this artifact, you need to touch highlighted items in the transcend area in the correct order.

The full path once you have timewalk is:
timewalk 2w;touch pillars;timewalk 2e2n3e;touch pillars;timewalk 3w2s3w3n;touch tower;timewalk 3s3e2se;touch construct;timewalk w2ns3e;activate array;timewalk 3wn2s3w;touch obelisk;timewalk 3e2ns4w;cut the coccoon

>touch pedestal
>put artifact pedestal
The artifact seems to melt away, as information seems to be transmitted into your mind.

| Imbue the essence of the Void shard into the phasic | 
| crystal to render it eternal.                       |
Recipe Unsolved

[Bloodstone Artifact]

After that, you need to setup your mapper notes to track the different waypoints. For instance, 2w is “alpha pillars”. 2n3e is “beta pillars”, 3w3n is “gamma tower,” e2s is “delta construct, s3e is “epsilon array,” and 2s3w is “zeta obelisk” — here’s why that is important: the next artifact requires you to touch only 4 of those in the correct order FOR YOU. Each person has a different combination.  If you listen to Titanaut & Demonaut, you get the first 2 directions to start off & then (until we figure out otherwise), you guess the last 2 directions.
>touch pedestal
>put artifact pedestal
The artifact seems to melt away, as information seems to be transmitted into your mind.
| Extract the essence released upon the death of the  |
| entities here to unlock the art of eternal life, by |
| combining the chaos shard of your aura with the     |
| shadowy fragments of the Void.                      |
This is the same color shard from transcend2 goal combined with a dark quiver of shadowy shards of the Void.  Both items can be obtained from the chaos cubes.
Each charge of the Bloodstone is a full restore (hp/mana/mv) in the transcend area.  It starts with 0 charges and as you kill stuff in the Void Abyss it gets charged up.
| +-----------------------------------------------------------------+
| | Keywords : bloodstone transcendent                              |
| | Name : the BloodStone                                           |
| | Id : xxxxxxxxxxx                                                |
| | Type : Treasure Level : 10                                      |
| | Worth : 100 Weight : 0                                          |
| | Wearable : hold                                                 |
| | Score : 0                                                       |
| | Material : crystal                                              |
| | Flags : glow, hum, magic, blessed, nosell, nolocate, V3         |
| | Owned By : Greybeard                                            |
| | Found at : Transcendence                                        |
| +-----------------------------------------------------------------+
| | This bloodstone can store energy released from carnage within   |
| | the transcendent realm to restore even the gravest wounds.      |
| |                                                                 |
| | Syntax: 'hold bloodstone'                                       |
| | Uses Remaining: 9                                               |
| | Charge: [||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||] 100%     |
| | Durability: [ ] 0%                                              |
| +-----------------------------------------------------------------+

There may be an artifact for the Crystal of Tranquility. 25 use, heals 20K, can be used throughout trans, including on aion2. Unknown how to find the artifact.  One of its ingredients is the rune of tranquility (from trans shop or chaos cube).