Goal for Transcendence: Aion2 Path

Transcendence Goal Guide: Path to Aion2

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Updated 15 December 2022

Once you unlock Trans2 goal, you now have the opportunity to discover your path to the final boss (Aion2) once every successful Transcendence epic. Unlock the goal ASAP to gain the ability to begin cracking this maze, it could take 36 tranny runs — do not lose out on this opportunity!

This will be the path you need to take in your final step to fight Aion2 solo. You have to complete the other steps in the Trans guide to be eligible to fight Aion2 but you can begin to find your path at any time.

After you finish the 3rd boss (Aion) in the Trans Epic, you will be transferred to a room with Kasiln:

Beyond Time and Space (G)
[ Exits: north east south west up down ]
(G)(W) Kasiln, the Titan Commander has ordered cessation of further pursuit.


Now you need to crack your personal maze to get to Aion2. You only get one chance at this maze per successful Trans run. Make sure you do this maze every Trans run, and understand the mechanics before you attempt it. You are allowed to enter the maze up until the time Kasiln posts the run results to the Epics board.

You must find the correct sequence of 6 rooms to get to Aion2. This sequence is specific to you.

The correct rooms in the sequence will not have a (G) graffiti in the room name but the bad exits will be marked with said (G) Graffiti.

Step 1: “tell kasiln I can pursue”
Do not be lazy and type just “tell kasiln pursue”; it won’t work, type the full tell.
You should not be able to move in a direction in Kasiln’s room until you tell him that phrase.
Step 2: The Kasiln room doesn’t count as start of maze. walk in any direction* to start the maze into Lost (G) room, with 6 exits. 5 bad exits and 1 correct exit. *REMEMBER, THE FIRST DIRECTION YOU WALK IN DOESN’T MATTER, YOU WILL END UP IN A LOST (G) FIRST TO START THE MAZE.
Step 3: This is a maze, walk in one direction
Step 4: If you end up in Lost (G) with Graffiti, then that is a bad direction. Notate the failed path direction and try again the next run. Enter portal to get out.
Step 5: If you end up in Lost, without Graffiti, then you found ONE direction for the path. You need to complete the full path of 6 rooms to Aion.
Step 6: Now it is time to move in another direction to find the next room towards Aion. If you find a room with a (G), then notate that bad direction and never go that path again; try again after the next Trans run. If you find a room without (G), then you found the next room in your path — Congrats! Go back to Step 3.
Step 6: Once you are in the 6th successful room, type “search rift;unshroud rift” to fight Aion2. You will need to have in your possession the Dark Key. You can take as much time as you need in the 6th room to prep before you ‘unshroud rift’.

This is how another person described the same procedure to find the path to Aion.

When Aion Final battle in Transcend Epic is done, instead of “say ready” do – “tell Kasiln I can pursue” and move any direction. this will trigger a mprog to move you to the “lost”. there each direction is marked with a graffiti except one. try each direction until you find the non-graffiti. beware once you get a graffiti direction you will always be moved to the same room so you have to portal out and try on next epic. there are 6 directions to explore before you are able to fight Aion for the Transcend2 goal so worse case scenario this is a 6×6=36 epic runs effort. once you are on the 6th direction do search rift, unshroud rift to fight Aion

my path for reference (its different for each player) – North-West-South-Up-South-South