Goal for Transcendence: Death Path

Goal for Transcend: Death Path

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The Oracle in the 5×5 grid will give you the required path to be used during the steps for the Death Artifact. This is listed as an early step because you need to do it during a phase with 3 full moons in the sky. Get this done asap, so it will not be a blocker when you want to do the death artifact.

The Oracle will only give you the path when there are three full moons in the sky. “tell hadar moons” for the prediction, and be quick about talking to the Oracle!

Hadar : The next 3-moon conjunction is in 112 ticks (56min) lasting 3 ticks. The next 2-moons (Black/Grey) in 17 ticks for 3 ticks..

Note: You do not need the Oracle spell ‘Eye of the Warning’.

Get the proper order (unique to you)
Step 1: Go to Trans during the three moons (it’s a short timer window; be quick!)
Step 2: Find the Oracle in the 5×5 safe area around the center
(I)(H)(R) The Oracle wanders here.
Step 3: give 1000 gold oracle
The Oracle will give you a cryptic sentence that includes 3 key phrases, which are randomized for you.
Step 4: Write down what he tells you, and reference is during the Artifacts Guide under Death Artifact: here

The Oracle says, “All paths lead to your doom, save for one. Twice you will nearly encounter your undoing, in the false haven and the depths. But if you pull back and tarry not to straddle the edge of balance you may surpass your fate. If you find it and search in the beyond, you may find the treasure lost to the living.”

In a later step, you will decode what the Oracle told you into the order in which the rooms you have to visit and perform tasks.