Goal Transcendence: Obtain Dark Key

Goal Transcendence: Obtain Dark Key

Main Transcend Guide: here

The Dark Key is used in the final step of obtaining the Death Artifact at the Forge, and during one of the epic battle in Tran (see pro tip below).

Step 1: Kill a hurried courier on level 1 for a letter, random drop.
Step 2: Find Zarconis of the Abyss on level 3 and give the letter to him for a master key, which has a 24-hour timer.
Step 3: Collect the shadowy wisp of a key from each of the three ethereal guardians on level 3.
A. From Salkin, s2wus;open door;w (‘drink’ for hp restore)
B. From Salkin, 2se;open vault;d (‘get band’ for a metallic band)
C. From Salkin, 2s2e2d;open door;e (‘drink’ for mn restore)

Step 4: At the Star Forge on level 2, with all three shadowy wisp keys in inventory, type ‘forge key’ for the dark key (this key will be consumed in the final step to obtain the Death Artifact).

Pro Tip #1
Dark key can be used to unlock the “transcend” layer in the Epic with the void guardians (map looks like Durthar but have to kill Void Guardians simultaneously like Hej in the Titan Epic). When in that battle phase of the epic, you can type “transcend” and use this dark key to unlock the “up”. This will unlock the up direction for anyone in the epic to use upon “transcend”.